In a world gone mad with political correctness and contrived offence-taking, this site is dedicated to fighting back.

Let’s rejoice in our diversity, poke fun at it when appropriate and mock those sad souls who seek regimentation for everyone to align with their views. Most of all, let’s laugh at life in all of its continuing craziness.


In a world where the term”political correctness” is often just a thin subterfuge for arrogant, opinionated bombast/prejudice, I remain hopeful? that Sir Robert may “surprise moi”

Hi Sir Bob
I have just completed(Took me 5 years) a labour of love on the heavyweight championship.I recall with no little amusement when after a brief stint I had on TV re the then upcoming Tyson /Douglas bout you responded that if I was to predict the outcome of a bout between Tyson and your deceased grandmother my logical selection of Tyson would see your grandmother proclaimed champion.
Am not anticipating a response but if you can point me in the direction of a publisher who may be interested I would really appreciate it.
Kind regards
Bob Oliphant

Hi Sir Bob,

I am looking forward to the opportunity to purchase a copy of Full Circle. One of the most entertaining books I have read. Please let me know when it is available.


Good Morning Sir Robert.
I have and enjoy most of your books, and am, like you I suspect a bit perturbed by all this Climate Emergency stuff. I was particularly amused by the recent wake held for the Icelandic glacier, now dead at 700 years old !!! What most (all ??) seemed to have missed by that statement is that 701 years ago that landscape must, by inference been as glacier free as it is now. The point that I’m trying to make is that this planet has a long, no incredibly long history of climate fluctuations. And in fact 700 years ago was the start of the “Little Ice Age” which in a few short years completely destroyed the Norse Settlements on Greenland. And I doubt whether that event could have been blamed on the activities of any of the worlds population.

There are at least three books missing from the covers you show (I think the best three): Travelling – An entertainment (1980), Jones On Property (1977) and New Zealand The Way I Want It (1978).

“Political correctness and contrived offense-taking” seams to be a way of justifying white privileged excuse to attack any other race without consequences, wasn’t that a line from Hitler.

I enjoy your thought ful writing and thinking. A well read person will always trump (now that’s a word being changed in meaning similar to the word gay?) a non reading person. Except of course the much undervalued native intelligence that still has much to offer. Having said that I appreciate your opinions which are fuelled by your reading habits.

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Terb Terbskiptherussianroulette June 2, 2020 at 10:53 am

Never mind we can all relax. Cinderella told Hosking this morning the economy is now pretty much back to normal…….yip…and she said that all by herself.

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