In a world gone mad with political correctness and contrived offence-taking, this site is dedicated to fighting back.

Let’s rejoice in our diversity, poke fun at it when appropriate and mock those sad souls who seek regimentation for everyone to align with their views. Most of all, let’s laugh at life in all of its continuing craziness.


In a world where the term”political correctness” is often just a thin subterfuge for arrogant, opinionated bombast/prejudice, I remain hopeful? that Sir Robert may “surprise moi”

Hi Sir Bob
I have just completed(Took me 5 years) a labour of love on the heavyweight championship.I recall with no little amusement when after a brief stint I had on TV re the then upcoming Tyson /Douglas bout you responded that if I was to predict the outcome of a bout between Tyson and your deceased grandmother my logical selection of Tyson would see your grandmother proclaimed champion.
Am not anticipating a response but if you can point me in the direction of a publisher who may be interested I would really appreciate it.
Kind regards
Bob Oliphant

Hi Sir Bob,

I am looking forward to the opportunity to purchase a copy of Full Circle. One of the most entertaining books I have read. Please let me know when it is available.


Good Morning Sir Robert.
I have and enjoy most of your books, and am, like you I suspect a bit perturbed by all this Climate Emergency stuff. I was particularly amused by the recent wake held for the Icelandic glacier, now dead at 700 years old !!! What most (all ??) seemed to have missed by that statement is that 701 years ago that landscape must, by inference been as glacier free as it is now. The point that I’m trying to make is that this planet has a long, no incredibly long history of climate fluctuations. And in fact 700 years ago was the start of the “Little Ice Age” which in a few short years completely destroyed the Norse Settlements on Greenland. And I doubt whether that event could have been blamed on the activities of any of the worlds population.

There are at least three books missing from the covers you show (I think the best three): Travelling – An entertainment (1980), Jones On Property (1977) and New Zealand The Way I Want It (1978).

“Political correctness and contrived offense-taking” seams to be a way of justifying white privileged excuse to attack any other race without consequences, wasn’t that a line from Hitler.

I enjoy your thought ful writing and thinking. A well read person will always trump (now that’s a word being changed in meaning similar to the word gay?) a non reading person. Except of course the much undervalued native intelligence that still has much to offer. Having said that I appreciate your opinions which are fuelled by your reading habits.

Hello there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be
ok. I’m undoubtedly enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts.

It’s hard to find knowledgeable people in this particular topic,
but you seem like you know what you’re talking about!

Terb Terbskiptherussianroulette June 2, 2020 at 10:53 am

Never mind we can all relax. Cinderella told Hosking this morning the economy is now pretty much back to normal…….yip…and she said that all by herself.

Hi Sir Bob,
Thank you for your latest book.

SIr Bob . Just quick question to you. Have you noticed the murder rate in this country lately?
Guess the media will be ignoring the stats as will look bad for her wonderfulness , but seems like every second day theres another body found somewhere. Really, at least every other day another death. What the heck is going on with our country?

SB. Apparently Sean Plunket has been taken off the air by media works ! Could you perhaps comment on this?

Lets have a bit more about the animal Trump. There are some startling things coming out about the connectiuons to Russia and the almost unbelieveable attacks on Biden winning the election.


How do domestic rugby, netball and basketball get to bring in imports but cricket can’t bring in a guy who was also halfway through qualifying for the Black Caps? Is Hugh Rennie QC a cricket fan? Someone needs to intervene here.


More illiteracy from Stuff.

Wai-iti Rd resident Bob Lee heard the wind moments before the large glass windbreak at the side of his house was wrenched from its frame early in the morning.

“I got up, it was roaring through and all of a sudden that shattered. I watched it go through the window.”

Lee said the two glass and aluminium petitions that serve as a windbreak on the corner of the house are in pieces.

“One lot of the petition is all smashed up and the frames all bent, and another piece of it is laying on the lawn.”

Well this didn’t surprise me much. AJ seemed like a chap who had filled a void rather than genuinely being better than everyone else. I doubt that he would have gone the distance with Fury.
Be interested in SRJ comments?


560% of the boards will be Iwi based. Plainly the thin end of the wedge. Ratepayers own these assets. Labour are stealing them and handing them over to iwi. More madness. Thank Christ I’m in Australia

SB. This guy seems to make sense. Dileepa Fonseka. Trouble is he works for Stuffed. Should be enticed away I recon.


More propoganda from “Stuff” this morning. Chris Luxons property and such like splashed across the main page & right underneath-a peice about property owners being tax dodgers.

Dear Bob

Write more.

We all need to hear from you.

Without doubt there are a number of dirty rags that need picking up at the moment.

SB. Well take a look at the mess now!!
Great job Resets making of our countries finances !!
Our country IS being utterly fucked over long term. Such a shame. Chris Luxon why would you bother?
Time to start selling off and choosing somewhere else.
Isle of Man for me.

Sir Robert
How about a quick piece about the view from abroad?

SB. Guess it must be fairly obvious from my usual dissjointed ranting I’m not the brightest penny in the piggy bank and doesn’t help that I’m not all that observant, reasonably lazy, have a low standard of education, don’t go out much incase somebady calls the circus to retrieve their escaped (short) handicapped gibbon. Yes: fact, and alright by me as I have a completely overinflated opinion of myself that keeps me flying higher than most and seems to fool some of the people some of the time, while of course not giving a flying proverbial anyway. (…himmm… yes…perhaps I will stand for labour after all… a ) …kind of a reverse narcissist perhaps. …or just
your average bog standard narcissist .

Anyway .


Can you/anybody find “the” goverment statistic that has data showing the number of deaths in NZ of people with/from covid who have been vacinated compared to those that have not ?? ( for the record i’m fully vacinated and have no opinion on its effectiveness).

How important is this statistic in your opinion ?

P.S .will now go eat my banana.

WTF ????
MSN Headline.
Just vote for labour NZ , you deserve more when this sort of rubbish is our 4th estate.


Good morning Sir Bob – does your offer of a million dollars reward still stand if anyone can advise you what Jacinda Ardern achieved re White Island?
I can officially tell you what she did – she met with responders after the eruption. Yes, that’s it. I present my case;
Please click the following link to view item 4 on Labour’s article titled “15 times Jacinda Ardern has shown she’s a true leader”.


I would appreciate your hasty actions in pumping up my bank account, I need to buy a 1kg block of Mainland Tasty Cheese for my grocery shop this week.
Kind regards,





..just curious…or status quo ! …any ideas ?
Another Mexican bandit.

.. the most open and honest government in the history of NZ !
” Government quietly introduces $103 billion tax on KiwiSaver ”


Long live King Charles

How would you describe Hemmingway SB.
Theres a lefty for ya…. the question not the person, necessarily.

This from one of many pissed off New Zealanders fed up with Arderns utter contempt for her own country, while she spouting away at the UN looking for an increase in attention and salary.

“”The woke left cannot understand that it is impossible to fix the inequality of intelligence…””


    Gemmamile Wonderprecious September 29, 2022 at 12:58 pm

    Like maybe like the woke left can’t understand the inequality of intelligence like but at least they’re prepared to give somebody else’s money away.

Traditionally, in most societies parents were held esponsible for the crimes committed by their minor children. The law in NZ holds me criminally and financially liable for any harm my dog does to other people, or their property, if I fail to keep it under proper care and control. So why does the law not hold me, as a parent criminally, and financially responsible for any harm my child does, if I fail to provide him or her with proper care and control? It’s actually illegal for any child in NZ not to be under proper care and control. Yet how many parents are prosecuted for this? If the child is too young to be prosecuted, then the parent should be prosecuted in their child’s place. NZ’s youth crime is becoming an epidemic. It should be our national shame. Even our Police are saying publicly that our current youth justice system is not working.

Newspapers would be doing the public a great service if they all obtained, and published accurate statistics around youth crime. We don’t need to know any identifying details of any individual offender; but a lot of the true figures about youth crime are being withheld from the public: mainly, I suspect to hide the system’s failure, for political purposes. The secrecy around youth crime helps no one except the politicians. Why can’t we know: How many incidents of offending by children and youths are reported to Police each year. How many did Police attend and/or investigate? What were the numbers of offenders, offence types, and age brackets of the offenders involved? What were the offenders’ numbers, ages and dispositions/penalties imposed for each class of offence for those not prosecuted in the Youth Courts? How many of offenders dealt with by the Police were prosecuted in the Youth Courts? What were their ages and dispositions/penalties imposed for each class of offence and age group? If we have a world leading Youth Justice System, as is claimed, why can’t the public know the true facts?

Gemamile Wonderprecious November 2, 2022 at 9:45 am

I think like its wonderful like that like Star Ship hospital like turned down like funding like like like from the horse racing industry cos like its very naughty gambling offensiveness and hurts my feelings.
Next we can ban funding from the car industry, the farming industry, supermarkets, fuel suppliers, travel industries, fast food, slow food, any food….. ummmmmmm….all industries ….. cos like they’re all bad…like
we can just get money from Jacinda …like….cos she’s kind, and got lots
ha ..so there

Labour train wreck ….no just vindictive scorched earth socialists.

They are destroying our country.

Love to hear your thoughts on Hipkins being asked to define what a woman is. What a ludicrous state we are living in if we are either too afraid to define a woman or are no longer sure what a woman is.


Good afternoon Sir Bob.
What is it that Labour are “so” desperate to retain power they’ll completely promise the earth and totally ignore all the ideological rubbish they’ve forced upon the country 6 years running.
There must be a massive hole or crippling mistake in something they consider possible to smooth over given another term.
What is it ?

Scary prospect; inversely proportional too their revealing frightened, concerned demeanor perhaps !

Congratulation Reset Robertson.
NZ gross debt has now reached $200 Billion.

That is … $ 200 000 000 000.

$ 200 000 000 000 / 5 000 000 = $ 40 000 each child, woman, man owing.
Labour has decided NZ debt should not belong to any Maori. If Maori are 15% of the population, ( 12% of Maori ethnicity ) take 750 000 from the population of 5 million and increase debt for the remaining 4 250 000 of non Maori New Zealand.
Debt for non-Maori is therefore $47 058 per person.
$188 232 per non-Maori family of 4.

How disgusting this free market democratic economy.

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