So now it’s Whittaker’s chocolate under fire from the confused genders – and why? Brace yourself.

Because their new coconut ice surprise blocks, made to support Plunket, come in only pink and blue.

This has drawn complaints from an outfit calling itself Rainbow Youth, it’s spokes-it namely one Frances Arns, expressing disappointment that the Whittaker’s blue and pink colours imply there’s only two genders.

Well get this Frances; there are only two genders, albeit a tiny majority of unlucky individuals are born with physical or mental confusing factors. They’re no different from other unfortunates born albino or without a leg or with red hair and such-like misfortunates.

But we don’t see them protesting about shops failing to sell one-legged trousers or advertisements with solely blonde or brunette models. Rather they overcome their drawbacks through greater effort, therein gaining everyone’s admiration. Devoting one’s life to whining about such differences is simply wasting it.


Thank you Bob, very much enjoyed reading all your posts this evening, a welcome and much missed take on things, in stark contrast to the daily battering we endure daily from so many stoney faced hand wringing types. I greatly look forward to your further musings!

Bravo Sir!

good to see..

Welcome to the world of blogs Sir Bob. Looking to forward to your insightful posts.

Hello Sir Bob, all the best with your blog.
I’m surprised there hasn’t been a call demanding the chocolate be in all colours. Just brown or white is very racist.

Have always enjoyed your writing,and found that I almost agree with your comments,and

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