A week before her resignation Britain’s Daily Mail gave bashing Theresa May a rest and reverted to their other pet topic, the Royal Family.

With world-class sycophancy they devoted their front page to the Queen’s alleged wonderful sense of humour.

A large photo showed her greeting her grandson William and his wife and offspring. “You’re all looking tidy”, the Mail, barely able to contain itself with this side-splitting, rolling in the aisles wit, reported her saying.

I rather think that week’s Economist was more on the mark. Writing of the Queen’s near century in the public gaze, the magazine observed she’d never uttered a single memorable sentence.


‘Phillip, what the hell were you thinking?’ I should imagine was said more than once…but I doubt it would ever get out, memorable quotes wise 😉

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We have her to thank for popularising “Annus horribilis” in the early 1990s – a most apt phrase I have had cause to use on several occasions since then.

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