Always good for a laugh, the Vatican yesterday declared that people cannot choose or change genders and described transgenderism as a bid to annihilate nature, this assertion issued under the heading “Male and Female: He Created Them”. The statement called gender fluidity a symptom of the confused concept of freedom and momentary desire that characterise post-modern culture.

Lots to comment on with this. First, it’s a bit bloody rich coming from an outfit whose leaders swan about in ballgowns and is indisputedly the largest paedophile organisation in human history.

Still, they’re right on one score. People cannot change genders but they’re wrong on another, namely people can choose genders. They can choose them in the sense they can opt to live, dress and act the opposite gender to reality and if that is their wont, then so be it and should be (and is, thus the Vatican’s protest) tolerated. To be say born in a male body but in every sense feel female is a burden deserving of sympathy and not condemnation.

Arguably it could be described as a psychiatric disorder, as for example with lycanthropy, that is people who believe they’re a zebra or werewolf or some other creature. To dismiss these urgings as “momentary desires” flies in the face of the evidence in most but not all cases.

The most interesting of the Vatican’s assertions is the reference to “a confused concept of freedom” in contemporary culture. It’s understandable that the Vatican, with its collapsing flock in the First World, is alarmed by this new order of free-thinking and self-determination as it’s precisely this which is destroying their support. The last thing they want is people thinking for themselves as no rational person would subscribe to their rigid order and superstitions.

On the latter perhaps I’m wrong and the quick solution to the Vatican’s concern is for bloody “He” they refer to, to finally make a long overdue appearance and put us right on those matters.

It would be wonderful if I was wrong and suddenly in a massive explosion of light “He” appeared in the sky and began a mincing descent, hand in hand with Damian, then greeted everyone with “Hello chapth. Whereth all the action, hee hee?”

In those circumstances we’d have to open prisons world-wide and release the thousands of Catholic clergy with an apology. I wouldn’t hold my breathe waiting for this though.

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Christchurch Catholics are retrenching from 12 down to 5 churches. In France ~70 ordinations and >800 deaths in priesthood. That’s only one ordination for every half million catholics. Catholic church is rapidly evaporating.

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