Below an article from Prospect magazine by Top British legal figure Lord Sumption.

It will interest the tiny percentage of our population not mentally programmed to leap off cliffs if told to by the government, given governments always know best.


Lord Sumption was outspoken earlier too, but of course at the time ignored like so many lawyers, scientists, and you, Sir Bob. I quoted him in late March:

The “collective hysteria” whipped up by coronavirus, according to former UK Supreme Court Justice Lord Sumption, risks conflating draconian measures restricting lawful movement as the only solution.
“The pressure on politicians has come from the public, they want action. They don’t pause to ask whether the action will work, they don’t ask themselves whether the cost will be worth paying — they want action anyway.”

Source (& his “collective hysteria” link):
“Why lockdowns are necessary, and wrong – and why leaders need to get out of a lockdown mentality, fast; to save lives and economies,” Dr Ron Pol, Medium, Mar 31

The premise of the article is based upon there possibly being no vaccine. With thousands of scientists working on this around the world, of course there will be a vaccine and it’ll be soon.

I know of a fit young woman who had Covid in March and she is only able to to back to the gym now.

Imagine living in the UK at the moment where every day there are around 100 Covid deaths and 15,000 to 20,000 new cases. We are very fortunate to live in NZ.

    Cases, shmases. The PCR tests pick up virus RNA which is possibly debris from viruses that the immune system already dealt with, up to several months ago. High numbers is good news, not bad news. The official experts know this, so it needs to be asked why they are still dedicated to a program of terrorist psy-ops. There are many honest experts condemning this abuse of expertise and authority.

    There was a spike in deaths months ago, for a few weeks at most, since when Covid-19 has fallen to around 1/20 highest cause of death. The normal flus and pneumonias have long since taken over from Covid-19 as cause of death from respiratory distress and the total mortality levels are normal. News flash: people die all the time, especially old people. The average age of death from Covid-19 is 78. Some countries have populations of tens of millions or hundreds of millions. There has been a demographic bulge working its way up through the first world, causing superannuation cost pressures, and “numbers of deaths” were inevitably going to increase at some stage. There are lies, damned lies, and there are statistics, beaten up out of all context. There are ignorant people in the millions who are suckers, and who resent their stupidity being pointed out by the minority who are awake and use their brains. We are doomed because of this, and because the Davos-man types now know what they can get away with; not because of Covid-19’s “deadliness” and an alleged scofflaw problem. President Trump is actually providing an honorable lead, but the bad-faith political opportunists and the millions of suckers don’t see it this way.

What we are seeing in this, is the way a civilization on its way out through the madness of decadence, can destroy itself through sheer absence of ability to reason logically anymore. The stupid majority resents the insights of the small logical minority, and resorts to hissy fits and name-calling, rather than admitting these people are right, and smarter. This is happening throughout society, as the mass of idolizers of the “caring, competent” Jacinda regime are asked inconvenient questions by the few smarter people in their social circles. Lord Sumption’s logic is self-evident, so is his honest use of data.

“Science” is being claimed as the preserve of the illogical, the incompetent, and the agenda-driven, while those who actually adhere to its most basic principles are ostracized as if they are just conspiracy theorists, and worse, completely de-platformed by Big Tech. Yes there are some crazy conspiracy theories out there but it is not conspiracy theory that the establishment’s official experts have been wrong about everything and are still pushing alarmism based on disproven past catastrophizing, and the most absurd computer modeling about “second waves” etc that they themselves cannot possibly believe anymore to be true.

So it no longer looks like just a conspiracy theory that there is an establishment that is trying to run out the clock on perpetuating as much economic and social damage as possible, before the mass of people will wake up to the sham. If they ever do. It looks “all of a piece” that we now hear “Davos people” thinking out loud about the opportunity for a “new reset” of the entire political order.

The few remaining logical thinkers now find themselves in the agonizing position of “what to do” given wise old dictums about good men doing nothing, and evil triumphing. I guess we tried. There is a proverb in some culture or other, “in the kingdom of blind men, the man who has one eye that works, will be King”, but P J O’Rourke was right to cynically say that actually, “no-one believes the one-eyed man”.

Just as taking precautions not to infect others only makes sense if everyone does it so elimination only makes sense if every nation does it.

Otherwise we are isolated indefinitely.

    There are sure to be multiple new viruses and mutations of all kinds (not just coronaviruses and respiratory viruses) that hit NZ with a vengeance when we finally do re-open. Usually, people’s immune systems are being kept “in practice” by all the continued exposure, and in the age of global travel, this has become an overlooked new normal. NZ is now conducting an experiment that could prove to be interesting, to say the least. Even the distancing and reduced contact between people is causing immune-system atrophy to some extent. This whole thing will certainly turn out to be just another episode in human history where too much power was granted to people with “fatal conceits”.

the hedgehogs prose October 19, 2020 at 8:08 am

I’m in total agreement Sir Bob Saturdays election result clearly illustrates the extent that New Zealanders are prepared to ‘leap off cliffs’
Dr Ron Pol the collective hysteria over covid19 and Ms Arderns perceived successful lockdown policy has seen a government with a history of appalling economic management returned to power

On the 11th October WHO Dr David Nabarro warns against COVID-19 lockdowns due to economic damage

The WHO published infection fatality rate data for Covid-19 shows its sitting between 0.23% and 0.50% median deaths per million people. https://vraagde2ekamer.nl/infection-fatality-rate-of-covid-19-inferred-from-seroprevalence-data/
This information then begs the question why the need for lockdowns at all?

Will this advice be heeded by Ms Ardern and her unelected advisor going forward?
Not if this Canadian report is correct. New Zealanders will leap off the cliff because she so directs.

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