The long dormant Fagradals Mountain volcano in Iceland has started belching lava, as readers will have seen on the television news.

Fortunately it’s in a fairly remote location so at this juncture, it’s been decided not to send Jacinda over, although I imagine she’s on standby.

She alone can make the volcano desist, as she apparently did with White Island, one of three crises (the others; the mosque slaughter and Covid) we’re constantly told she handled brilliantly.


Its amazing how a long face and the Be Kind mantra can build a superhero.

Do not underestimate your prime minister, Sir Bob, In order to become president of the International Union of Socialist Youth, she had to pass many rigorous examinations across a broad range of subjects, not merely volcano suppression. I am given to understand she scored very highly in virtue signaling, empty theorizing, credit claiming, blame diversion, empathy projection and the time-honored political arts of doublespeak and grandstanding. She’s a winner.

Sir Bob, I would be delighted to raid my pension account and pay her for a one way ticket to any active volcano be it in Iceland or Indonesia.

She may well be needed here, I understand that Fagradals last erupted about 800 years ago, roughly when Rangitoto appeared on the scene. Miss Ardern is clearly required here to forestall the visiting of a new volcano upon sinful Aucklanders.

Jacinda vs the Volcano-who can produce the most hot air?

It can only benefit the country that we have a leader of integrity, compassion, and ability who has international stature.

markscreaminggoosearmstrong March 23, 2021 at 11:45 am

Internationally we do seem to be acknowledged as managing the CV19 issue well.

It is definitely a good thing we didn’t open up to Australia early on, as strongly advocated by almost every person contributing to this blog/comments.

Perhaps the person elected in a landslide does get it right every now and then…

If only we had someone half decent in opposition to vote for.

Anyone who has the guts to regulate these monopoly industries will get my vote, and probably many others.

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