The Green Party’s Environment spokesperson Eugenie Sage, entertained readers enormously with a guest-piece in the New Zealand Herald. Here’s a sample.

“In a Maori world view, the relationships between all living things are the basis of a profound respect for and connection through whakapapa with Te Taiao”. Really!

I assume Eugenie doesn’t include the moas they wiped out. And I gather their pre-European practise of eating one another somehow didn’t count.

Should Eugenie care to expend a few hours attendance in our courts and watch the succession of mainly Maoris in the dock for assaults, wife-beating, (a Maori specialty as the Women’s Refuge could tell her), plus child murdering, a “profound respect for living things” will not be very evident.

Eugenie is a pleasant woman and doubtless means well. I had a session with her and then Labour MP and now Christchurch mayor, Lianne Dalziel a few years back. Like me, Lianne enjoys a drink or twelve (just as a warm-up) and Eugenie was innocently bewildered as we went at it.

But she harms any useful message she wants to deliver when she pumps out this mush and naivety is not an excuse. Truth ultimately prevails.


Add, torching the South Island High Country and nearly driving our native bird population to oblivion.
Thank God for small mercies that Sage is no longer the Minister of Conservation, she would have locked us all out the place if she had had her way.

As a general rule, when someone starts spouting about having “a deep spiritual connection” to anything it is time to count your fingers and put on the BS gumboots because you are in grave danger of getting fleeced.

    Weaponising the woo-woo I call it.

    Elizabeth Rata:
    “A different but also highly successful strategy is the control of Treaty language, particularly the use of religious imagery. Referring to the Treaty as a “covenant” with a spirit that “still speaks today” evokes a timeless and commanding authority. This otherworldliness takes the Treaty from the combative political sphere to a level of unquestioning reverence. It disallows the profane debates that democratic politics requires, making such behaviour seem disrespectful, almost shameful. Words like “atone”, found in the government’s apology to Tainui, suggest the expiation of a sin-inspired guilt with redemption only through reparation. The strategy succeeds by placing the Treaty outside history and beyond politics.”

      The use of language to shape, support and ultimately win an argument is well known and a favourite ploy of articulate politicians everywhere to advance their agendas.

      What is happening here though is breathtaking in its audacity and involves the wholesale re-invention of a language and a culture to give it currency and equal standing with the status quo, from which it is then but a small easy step to argue for a full 50/50 share of whatever you want..

      Its all about process and having a clear objective.

Sadly, many such Greenies spend their lives torn between paranoid angst about the world we live in, and figuring out ways to control us all to salve their tortured souls.

Neither are beneficial to society, especially when the Greenies ascend to a position of authority. There, they become dangerous zealots, drunk on their own kool-aid.

This stuff is mandatory now…pervades all govt departments, all education levels. I mean, when the bloody RBNZ heads sound like they’re on magic mushrooms then all else is doomed. Beyond satire and not sure where it’s gonna take us…nowhere good, thats for sure.

Its not just mush. These people are dangerous. They are fully onboard with the idea that Maoridom are somehow more equal than everyone else.
Maori party co-leader Rawiri Waititi has been publicly agreeing that Maoridom ought not be subject to the one person one vote system of democracy and the green party are cheering him on.
The dangerous nutters aren’t tthe drooling axe weilders. The REALLY dangerous ones are the nutters who wear suits and ties & look normal. These people want a version of apartheid in NZ where evil white folk must be subjugated to absurd racial laws, and are quite willing to use the machinery of State to get this.

Can the last sane person to leave turn off the lights please?

Where’s the walkie to go along with the talkie? Sadly there oft seems to be an inverse relationship between (virtue signalling) talkie and walkie.

Brain washing BS.

If you burn the forest to flush the Moa out your not thinking conservation.

If you arrive in a Canoe and genocide almost all the inhabitant you are a colonizer.

Unfortunately smoking pot on a Bob Marley scale does this to the brain.

Its going to be near impossible to reverse the damage done without revolution.

All these posts will become hate speech in an attempt to lock in the position.

Population has been partially disarmed.

Bring back Simon Bridges

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