Thank God for the Herald’s integrity.

In articles, editorials and cartoons they’ve hammered the government over the outright blatant lies and incompetence of the Health Department re access to Covid vaccines.

The indisputable fact is that New Zealand’s vaccine roll-out is one of the worst in the world.

There’s an irony to this. A month or so back the government announced the restructuring of Health away from regional Boards, to a centralised structure run from Wellington.

Ashley Bloomfield’s television hugging scoutmasterly imagery may have comforted Covid panickers last year, but the evidence is clear, he has no business running a major government entity. Now to add to the Covid cockup he’s going to be in charge of all of our hospitals and other regional Health Board activities, something he is clearly not up to.

The case for centralisation may or may not have merit. But one thing is certain and that is it should be delayed until the Covid epidemic is finally over, and more important, that there’s clear evidence that the Health Department is up to the task.


Cannot for the life of me understand how most New Zealanders seem to idolise Bloomfield.He is in charge of the Ministry of Health which has failed miserably under his management.

    Great speaker though, which seems to be the main criteria to political posted. This more often than not extends to public companies; who’s return of assets are less than poor.

    What a job to have though. Exponential growth to the requirement for services, with no money to pay for it. If only NZ inc owned the monopoly businesses they sold off, which the super profits would have paid for, but are now exported to offshore owners; to the tune of $20 billion per year.

Yes, one huge task at a time. This current one is almost beyond ‘them’.
However, centralised health control will be a disaster, you can guarantee it.
Endless bungling and misery for patients.
Total frustration for medical professionals.
I would bet my life on it.

Couldn’t agree more, the government blames the DHBs and Pfizer for the covid vaccine roll out debacle, while Hipkins, Little and Bloomfield take no responsibility despite their inflated salaries. Meanwhile Cinderella continues to turn NZ into the North Korea of the South Pacific….

So how is it that Sir Ashley, an un-elected public bureaucrat, was able to make the unlawful decision to lock down the entire country ?

    Remember it was the high court who said that.
    He also had help, from the Prime Minister, Minster of Health, Attorney General and Police Commissioner

It will never be over, Bob, because the vaccines are not variant-tolerant (natural immunity is). So we’ll be getting jabbed over and over again…like for the flu. And we’ll have to pray like stink that the spike proteins running through our bodies don’t induce nasty long-range effects, and they well might.

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