Would the Stuff website run the above heading if, as would certainly not surprise anyone, it was true rather than made up by me?

We know the answer to that. Stuff would not for above all else it would be overwhelmingly tasteless and inconsiderate.

Yet today they led with it in respect of an Auckland radio personality, arguably the most contemptuously vile action by a newspaper in memory.


Agreed. Showing some respect is not in their lexicon

I totally agree. I note that the other MSM sites have not lowered to that level.

Yes, truly despicable

The old adage “show no mercy and expect none” as well as the title of an old Led Zeppelin song spring to mind as well as “live by the sword, die by the sword”. I remember when a hapless leader of the NSW State opposition made a tasteless comment about the wife of the then State Premier over drinks and lost his position and later attempted self harm. Sydney tabloids published photos of him being loaded into the ambulance. Politics and broadcasting is not for the faint of heart or thin skinned. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_quarter

frederickwilliscroft July 21, 2021 at 9:59 pm

First of all in their report instead of leaving just the fact of the suicide attempt they then relitigate the whole saga ,Disrespectful in the extreme.

Their reporting, right from the off has been a disgrace. They have made a concerted effort to demonise Martin. Even when the journalist, who Martin had a swing at, resigned, Stuff gave the impression that he was hard done by, Not true. He received a decent pay out and had a job to go to,

Stuff try to portray that they are the caring, empathetic part of the media. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are a bunch of hypocrites who espouse love and devotion to the woke cabal but play dirty to anyone they perceive as to the right of politics.

I do hope the few companies that advertise on the various stuff media platforms take a good hard look at themselves and ask if they want there businesses to be associated with gutter snipes!

Stuff at it again… The NZ Apprentice winner has a story about her winning and a ‘bad addiction’. What springs to mind? Right at the bottom it tells of her phone addiction. I feel ashamed to have read the whole thing.

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