A senior New Zealand medical figure has sent me the following. It speaks for itself about the commercialisation of our universities, tailoring nonsense degrees to fit the intellectually challenged.


what a load of woke waffle!

Further dumping down … as I write it bores me to think about it. Words like ‘passion’ are a clear sign of ‘unknowingless’. At another level, it will train – as opposed to educatioin – kids to state the bleedin’ obvious to the point of pedantry. And of course they will learn all things ‘maori’ to make the qualificaiton more worhtless.

Forgot to say; grow the Minstry, grow the office portfolio.

Its worse than you think.

My kids received two hours of online lessons a day during Covid Levels 3 & 4; and its their NCEA year. What the teachers doing between times, god only knows.

Between times, they have 10 teacher only days each year; representing a loss of 5% in hours taught.

Apparently teacher only days are to discuss problem children, which are a byproduct of broken relationships through financial stress mainly.

Maybe its by design, but the current society model of winner take all is failing the rest badly. Bring on the big reset, because this neo-liberal ideology is bankrupting society as we know it.

MOH… a hiding place for incompetence. Just look at the covid shambles in ordering vaccines and syringes. Basic stuff. What a balls up from start to finish. Even 18 months later. I don’t know why Pharmac didn’t just get it done. At least they have a history of buying medical products.
I suspect there was petty envy/competition.

In line with your previous article, it occurs to me that Fat Studies is almost certainly part of the above…
It’s hardly surprising so many of the population are anti vaccine as science and fact have given way to opinion and avoiding offence.
I suppose it’s time to retire the phrase “avoid like the plague” as only half of us want to.

God help us all if this is the source of ongoing advice on national health policy. The current crop of civil servants in the DOH and related departments are a perfrect example of misinformation, lying by omission, and simple intellectual weakness.

It gets worse. Waitako uni are now offering a Bachelor of ‘Climate Change’. Woke millennials will lap this up.


The recently announced Bachelor of Climate Change from (predictably) Waikato University has to take first prize here I think…


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