Well done to Murray Bolton for challenging the Government’s ludicrous refusal to allow incoming vaccinated Kiwis to isolate at home, and congratulations to Justice Geoffrey Venning for directing MBIE to reconsider this. In fact as public servants MBIE are simply following the government’s orders.

Sir Russell Coutts is 100% correct in slamming the government as a dictatorship. They’ll be out of office in 18 months but in the interim are doing massive and costly damage to society and the economy.

Like so many I know I’m out of here next year and periodic visits aside, will return when grown-ups are back in charge.

Daily show-boating on television has paid off for the PM to date but she’s highly polls sensitive and will volte face once, as it will, the polling pendulum swings the other way.

The gross mismanagement of Covid will mark this government as the most incompetent in our post-war history.  Sadly, authoritarian governments are now the norm world-wide as the evidence is clear that a sizeable timorous section of populations like being told what to do. That’s certainly true of New Zealand.

Conversely there’s also a sizeable section who prefer to stand on their own feet and not be bossed about. They’re the doers and shakers critical to a society’s success and right now they’re seething with rage.

Regardless of his motives I was pleased when Winston opted for Labour two elections back. I don’t like four term governments as they always become arrogant and in National’s case, complacent. As well, for all its shortcomings our two principal Party system has worked. A fourth loss would have seen the Labour Party’s demise.

Unfortunately their MPs were largely the dregs of a fading movement and as we have seen, totally out of their depth in handling an unprecedented crisis.

Labour governments have shaped New Zealand as they’re ideas people and malcontents, always seeking change. But at best, never allow them more than two terms as they fall into a “Thousand Year Reich” mentality, convinced they’re infallible and intervening and dictating every element of peoples’ lives. The sole exception was the Clark government which lasted three terms by acting like a National government and respecting people’s individuality. Additionally, Helen never succumbed to the divisive maori wonderfulness nonsense, illustrated by her standing up to the seabed silliness. She was a good P.M.

Had she been in office when the Covid crisis arose, she’d have been pragmatic. If people don’t want to be vaccinated she’d have respected that but when they began to drop, they would not have hospital priority and could take their chances. The late no nonsense Michael Cullen would have readily told them that, and acted on it.

Unlike the Ardern government Clark had the benefit of a number of competent cabinet colleagues.

Frankly, I fear for New Zealand as the disastrous economic and social legacy of this government will take a decade to repair.



Well its a well established fact that initially even a promising looking fish rots from the head down and the reef fish that follow blindly can suffer the same fate ..
Like Sir Robert I believe the Prime Minister and her acolytes and cheerleaders are staring at their own Waterloo and will not be lauded in NZ history for their catastrophic endeavours .
Like you looking forward to the grown ups being in charge

… to date , the NZ media has been dominated by Ardern cheerleaders , Tova & Jessica …. kudos to Robbo & Hipkins , they do front up to Mike Hoskings …. and he duly eviscerates them …. which is exactly why Ardern stays well away … she’s a lightweight , a populist , all giggles & empty platitudes …. none of the deep thinking nor gravitas of Helen Clark ….

I’m sure you speak for many. Unfortunately the disgraceful state of our journalism has made our media just the propaganda wing of the most incompetent and disastrous government of my lifetime. Our Women’s Weekly press and its readers will only wake up to the costs of their cowardice and incompetence far too late.

She/they are breaking NZ.


Just so I’m clear-this woman with the fine old Maori name of India can fly around the world on taxpayer money preaching Maori wonderfulness but I can’t visit Chch to see elderly sick relatives?

I think a decade is conservative. A generation perhaps?

    She attributes the blame to imperialisation and colonisation and yet presents herself as a ‘Logan-Riley’?

    That is ever so rich.

    And as a follow up to this..
    “The roots of climate change lay within colonialism, Logan-Riley said: “252 years ago, invading forces sent by the ancestors of this presidency arrived in my ancestors’ territory, heralding an age of violence and murder and destruction.”
    There it is-everything that has gone wrong with NZ in a nutshell-your tax payer money if funding this.

I am currently arranging to move house from Auckland to the South Island. A sale and purchase agreement or tenancy agreement proving my new address is required to get past the Auckland border guards. The Citizen’s Address Registration Act from your book ‘The Permit’ comes to mind.

“Citizen’s Address Registration Act

Section II
Section II deals with citizens and resident foreigners desiring to change addresses and requires them to apply for a permit to so change at the Post Office nearest their existing registered address. The Act provides the power for the Minister to decline such applications in circumstances where the Minister deems approval not to be in the public interest.”

Which country do you intend to relocate to next year Sir Robert?

I have never felt scared of a government party before…. be I do now. Please National put up someone we can believe in and vote for.

As the world is opening up, for example Thailand has just opened its boarders today, to 64 country’s , including New Zealand.
Obviously Thailand has more faith than Jacinda Ardern by letting Kiwis into their country, whereby Jacinda wont even let Aucklanders leave Auckland, go figure ??
New Zealand is fast becoming the laughing stock of the world. There is going to be a mass exodus out of New Zealand in 2022.

I suspect that although people will leave the money will leave much sooner, (capital flight). Once the world realises our government has handed the country to partial tribal rule rather than a democracy, we’ll no longer be regarded as a stable financial base.

Want somone to carry your bags?

One further comment. A smart move would have been to invite Helen Clark back to NZ as Minister for pandemic management.
Given her background, intellect, abilities and role with the WHO it would have been an ideal choice.

Graham Adams has a piece over at democracy project detailing how we’ve arrived here; it’s great to see investigative journalism still alive.


Thats a great read that I can thoroughly recommend to all. Thanks for posting the link Cam🤙🏻

I was in your camp with regard to the former Labour/NZF government; donated to them and voted for them. I too feared the loss of labour if they failed again. But their authoritarian response to Covid and the fascist behaviour of most kiwis shocked me. Unable to travel to visit my clients, who are all overseas, I took the plunge at 49 and went back offshore. I don’t regret it for a second.

Covid is a serious illness that requires serious policy attention. But this government’s approach in 2021 has really been totally out of touch and much of what passes for news in NZ seems to be nothing more than shrill propaganda.

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