As with most political ambassadorial appointments when compared with the careerist diplomatic dullards, the previous American ambassador was a fun fellow.

I had a bet with him that Trump would end up in prison. The civil charges just announced against him are clear-cut fraud. Criminal proceedings to follow are inevitable. His lawyers will work the system and cost him millions with delaying tactics but what could pre-empt imprisonment will be his demise. He’s almost 80 and is significantly overweight. He’s an appalling stain on American history.

That’s the trouble with these future event bets as too often collecting is awkward. In my teens I had a bet with a mate as to who would marry the best looking woman. He married a crone but how could I possibly make a claim?

Another was with Herbert Muhammad, leader of America’s Black Muslim “Nation of Islam movement.”

We had a $100 bet as to who would live longest, he constantly forecasting my demise for eating pork. Herbert died a few years back but again, how could I possibly make a claim against his estate?

My most recent wager is that Labour would get less than a 30% vote tally in next year’s election.

That amounts to free money and is a gilt-edge certainty.


Let’s fucking hope so Sir Robert! That was me who wound down my window to say “Good morning Sir Robert, loving the blog,” as you crossed Lambton Quay the other morning. Aside from nearly running you down, as I drove away I thought to myself that from your perspective the encounter probably worked out about neutral. After all, you’d received a compliment, but on the other hand, I’m bearded and was wearing sunglasses, which probably left you despairing even further at what the world is coming to!

I can see ACT getting within 10-13% of Labour in 2023. Michael Joseph Savage’s Party has been severely savaged.

You’ll have to search far and wide to find a mug for the last one. It’s well known in caucus that Grant Robertson’s had the same bet with Jacinda, for $1000.

One thing I don’t understand about the prosecution of Trump is the claim that he used fake, or over-inflated, valuations to secure hundreds of millions of dollars.

How is this possible?

Surely the only kind of valuations the banks that have this amount of capital to lend would accept, would be completed by the likes of JLL, CBRE, et. al. Yet I haven’t heard anything about valuers being implicated by association.

Have I missed some reporting on this facet of the events?

    A fair point, lost in the conversation…

    Could it be trumped up charges, or something else…

    What we do know is politics knows not boundaries, and that democracy is as sick as a dog…

    The only sad part about labour getting 30% is those who have inflicted the most damage will ensure they are high on the list to continue their sharide….unless labour win seats equal to or more than their party vote….wish I was in an electorate which could ensure this happens….

Roydon Ronald Griffiths September 23, 2022 at 12:25 pm

Spot on Sir Bob I believe you could be a bit generous with 30%.

I think you are going to lose your bet, Sir Bob. According to the BBC, “The lawsuit has been brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James […] Her office does not have the power to file criminal charges, but is referring allegations of criminal wrongdoing to federal prosecutors and to the Internal Revenue Service.”
My prediction is that nothing will happen and in the unlikely scenario that criminal charges are laid, given that the valuations were based on optimistic speculation i.e. subjective opinion, the most that Trump and Co. will cop is a fine that he will shrug off as the cost of doing business.

30%. That’s a bit optimistic. But on reflection 20% is less than 30% so technically you are correct Bob.

Its hard to see how he will avoid jail as there are just SO many criminal investigations underway. All of which are generally pretty serious rather than misdemeanors. I think the January 6th riot will be the thing to undo him.
Happy to put $100 toward a charity of choice as i think labour will get 30 % of the popular vote. There are just so many people on the government teat. They wont vote for Act or National

Oh dear!. I suggest you take a look at this YouTube montage of people proclaiming Trump’s imminent downfall since 2015, The Walls Are Closing In

Low 20’s please. Just…go.

Bob Jones continual vehemence about Trump belies the fact that the career Political corrupters for many more years are the Biden Family. About time Bob wrote about them too.

I agree with Fredonas and refer you to this post by a New York lawyer who bolgs (as is both informed and entertaining) under the name of Manhatten Contrarian. It puts Ms James and her claims in both context and to bed.

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