The increasingly desperate Labour leader is making a bloody fool of himself, announcing fresh unresearched policies on the hoof almost daily. Did he learn nothing from the fruit and vegetable GST fiasco, heavily condemned by every economist and his own colleagues (when it was mooted earlier this year)?

His nonsensical announcement to teach “financial literacy” in schools, is I’m informed backed by National. No surprise there if so, the Nats not noted for innovative or deep thought.

I know a bit on that topic, it being knowledge easily acquired when I had the need for it as a young adult.

If Hipkins talked to teachers he’d learn they would desperately urge a return to the basics, especially science teachers who are up in arms at the proposed new science-less science curriculum. Less maori wonderfulness and wasting time resurrecting a redundant language no-one speaks would also be high on teachers wish-list.

What next from Hipkins I wonder? Free world cruises for newly-weds, a Ferrari in every garage; the mind boggles at the possibilities.

I know a few Labour MPs, ALL admit the game is up with the coming election and a landslide beckons, as I’ve forecast on this site for 18 months now. The infantile attempt to popularise Hipkins with the “Chippy” and “sausage rolls” invention was simply embarrassing.

Hipkins would be best served thinking about his own future as he’s scheduled to be dumped as Party leader, probably before Christmas.

He’ll be blamed by his decimated caucus for the defeat, this due, they’ll perceive, for his extraordinary strategy of overturning every policy the government he was part of creating, the one exception being the racist maori wonderfulness stuff. That’s been kept in return for silence from his maori caucus during the campaign, yet I suspect it’s the one that will most be responsible for the crashing defeat looming.


At least Hipkins hasn’t invited the media into church to take photos of him kneeling in prayer . Not yet . But , there is time .

Reminds of Bill Rowling and his attempts to rescue Labour

Sadly 20% of the population currently do not have the financial literacy to realise the quagmire this country is in. Maybe additionally financial literacy could be taught to the Greens whose paradox of policies would result in far worse outcomes than we have at present.

With whats ahead, most will have to learn financial literacy the hard way.

That includes the raft of useless public servants who are grossly overpaid (to be made redundant), and havent saved a cent…

Meanwhile the Maori Party wish to abolish prisons. Could you imagine it?

In an interesting paradox, probably the lesser of two evils, some of the most interventionist governments have been the most disciplined, determined to “smooth out” the traditional boom/boost economic cycle. This changed with Labour, who having never suffered under stagflation assumed it was a thing from history books, like polio or TB.
Their cornucopian and divisive ways are a reflection on their lack of thought and willingness to believe the last thing a social studies teacher told them to believe.
Mr Hipkins talking about school topics now, is like discussing whether a different drinks menu on the Titanic would have saved it.

For those ‘in the middle’ this election really represents nothing more than choosing between being repeatedly punched in the face by the red guy or the blue guy while either the ‘Maori elite’ + the alphabet people or the ‘top 1%’ + Chinese nationals watch from the sidelines laughing their arse’s off.

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