OK. Everyone got it wrong with the Australian elections but I’d venture this election prediction as an absolute certainty. A 100 year old German woman, Lisa Heise, is standing for the Council in a small medieval town of about 8,000 people. Lisa says she was, “ignored as an older person” but reaching 100 has given her a platform of attention. Doubtless she’s right. She’ll be a shoo-in.

Back in the late 1980s I was interviewed by an Australian writer for a book he was doing on Australasian entrepreneurs. He was an interesting cove and gave me a copy of his previous effort, this a book on longevity.


A feature Stuff article a few days ago by Amanda Cropp should become compulsory in journalism schools as a study of bad, bad, bad and in case you haven’t got it, screamingly bad journalism. First however, this is no fault of Amanda Cropp. She didn’t write the ridiculous heading and simply reported the various, mostly fatuous comments, which I won’t bore you with. But two stand out.

The article was about the sharp drop-off in German and British backpacker visitors to New Zealand and was headed, “Brexit hits the Backpacker market and spending plunges by $167million.” Whoever was responsible for that should be shown the door pronto. Holding stop-go signs awaits as an appropriate career. For God’s sake, Brexit hasn’t happened yet and basically remains just an idea. But even if it had, what on earth would that have to do with British and German backpackers giving New Zealand a miss?


While sympathising with low income workers seeking pay rises it’s time their advocates stopped using the ridiculous term, “a living wage”. If workers are not receiving a living wage then logically they must be dead, presumably of starvation. I’d opt instead for “a dignified wage” as a more honest term, although what that constitutes is obviously debatable.

The latest reported wage strike is by Wellington’s Farmers Department store employees. Their incomes as reported, are certainly low. Pay them more and the store is uneconomic the management protest. In fact the store is already uneconomic. Here’s why.


A week before her resignation Britain’s Daily Mail gave bashing Theresa May a rest and reverted to their other pet topic, the Royal Family.

With world-class sycophancy they devoted their front page to the Queen’s alleged wonderful sense of humour.


Am I and MP Willie Jackson the only New Zealanders who don’t mock the Destiny Church? I suspect like me Willie’s an atheist but as a broadcaster he always spoke up for their excellent social work Destiny does with society’s losers, specially maori, and good on Jackson for that. Surely there’s no doubting Brian and Hannah Tamaki’s sincerity in their fundamentalist Christian beliefs. Why then does the media constantly sneer at them?

Brian Tamaki’s adoption of the title Bishop drew widespread scorn. Why? It was perfectly appropriate. He’s the head of a sizeable church.