DEAR MRS SALISBURY – “I don’t feel anything when I’m intimate with my guy”

The above is an offering on the Stuff website. I didn’t bother reading “Mrs Salisbury’s” advice for it’s odds-on she’s in fact a scruffy middle-aged, unshaven hack, writing on behalf of both parties. Who reads this crap?

It brings to mind American novelist Nathanael West’s famous 1933 novel Miss Lonely Hearts. Miss Lonely Hearts, whose advice to the love-lorne column appeared in the New York Post, was in fact a cursing, hard drinking, chain-smoking, cynical middle-aged journo’. It’s a very good read.


We’ve been assured for weeks by the British media the coming election is a done deal for the Tories. They’ve had a consistently sizeable polling lead over Labour. Additionally, Boris has a measurable positive public rating and Corbyn a hugely negative one. Numerous past and some present Labour grandees and MPs have urged their traditional supporters to abandon Labour, arguing the obvious, namely that Corbyn is utterly unfit to govern.


1) Third quarter loss of US $1.3 billion.

2) License to operate in London cancelled. (14,000 recorded incidents of unlicensed drivers).

3) Further share-price decline, now under US $30.

4) Uber’s CEO announces he will take the focus off price (Uber’s strong point) and concentrate on company profitability.

As I’ve repeatedly written, Uber, an in-demand service, can only work as a drivers’ co-operative. Its massive flotation was a time-proven signal of a share-market boom about to end. The other is when take-overs take off, they’re currently at record levels.


So proclaimed a Daily Mail heading. Good Lord; If the same action occurred every time the male Catholic clergy had it off, there wouldn’t be a church, abbey, cathedral and what have you, still occupied. This is disgraceful sexism.