New Zealand’s most fearless (and thus honest) cartoonist Garrick Tremain, continues to pump out common sense commentaries.

Here’s his latest re the government’s nonsensical sign language announcement.

Today’s Dominion-Post, doubtless with heavy hearts, has abandoned writing half the paper in a language few can read (maori) and has sunk to new depths of wetness, publishing its title in bloody sign language, specifically arm waving sketches.

It’s madness and a massive distraction to television viewers when a speaker is accompanied by someone aping a spastic, this to cater for an improbable audience of people both deaf and blind.

I include blind otherwise captions would do the job adequately without the distraction of the silly sign language carry-on.


A week back a Victorian Treasury economist, Sanjeev Sabhlok, resigned in protest at the absurdly dictatorial situation imposed by the now widely loathed State Premier to combat the coronavirus. He made some interesting observations in an Australian Financial Review explanatory article.


The American Presidential election promises a fitting chaotic finale to a monumentally disastrous year for the world.

A voter surplus for Trump is plainly not going to occur. Last time he lost by 3 million votes but won the White House through the undemocratic vagarities of the electoral college system. This time he should lose by at least 5 million votes but may still retain the office.

Election day will be a circus with Trump crying corruption and refusing to budge if he’s a clear loser.  

No-one is going to vote enthusiastically for the hollow man Biden, rather a majority will vote against Trump. He has been a non-stop outrage and has almost daily stained the office with his behaviour, lies, gross miss-management and ignorance.

That said, millions will still hold their nose and cast for him. First, the sizeable affluent sector, justifiably fearful of Democrat taxes, will back him.

Additionally, the stolid middle-class, outraged by the radical left’s non-stop rioting will similarly see him as a President who will call out the National Guard and put a stop to this, something the dithering Biden is unlikely to do.

Then there’s key states like Florida that are likely to opt for Trump. Florida has a huge Latino population of people who have fled oppressive dictatorships, notably Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua plus others. They endorse Trump’s antagonistic actions towards their homeland despots.

Florida additionally has a sizeable Jewish retiree population whom Trump has actively wooed with his pro-Israel actions. His latest effort, engineering nonsensical Peace Agreements between Israel and respectively Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, are amusing.  

That’s like Winston, donning his Foreign Minister’s hate and organizing Peace Treaties between Tonga and Estonia or Nauru and Nepal, for all it means. But it may carry votes with elderly Florida Jews.

We are living in crazy times so how best to cope with it? Logic says, given as individuals we can only ever be spectators, it’s best to sit back and laugh at the pervading madness.

And nothing epitomises it more than when the world’s greatest ever nation opts for an individual who would have no chance of success were he to seek the mayoralty of Huntly.


Total Road Deaths to Date: 218
Total Coronavirus Deaths to Date: 25

NOTE: Thanks to the lockdown the road toll is down on past recent years.