As a field of study economics falls into the behavioural category and unlike say maths, is not one of absolutes. Nevertheless, one would assume some comprehension of sums would be a pre-requisite, say up to a 13 year old school pupil’s level. Seemingly not so.


Fresh back from the Australasian line-dancing champs in Adelaide, where partnered with Marama Davidson and against the bookies’ odds, he managed a commendable third place and took out the bronze medal, Pattrick Smellie wrote an excellent assessment of the dilemma facing Jacinda over the NZ First donations scandal.


Broadcaster and columnist Mike Hosking slammed Auckland’s Council for allowing the farcical situation of traffic cones everywhere. He should get around more. The bloody things are clogging even the quietest streets everywhere in New Zealand.


Imagine the carry-on if Weinstein is either acquitted or alternatively, there’s a hung jury.  Yet on the evidence he could well be.  Here’s why.

He’s been charged with sexual molestation offences against two women.  The Judge allowed a large number of others to give evidence against him of their similar experiences to show he had form. They however, were all out of time to make a formal criminal complaint which raises the question why not at least one of them had done so?