I’ve devoted my life to ridiculing religion. I’ve been wrong. Why?

First, the wonderful news about supreme rotter and pimp Jami-Lee Ross being criminally prosecuted by the SFO for his going to the Police to try and destroy his colleagues, only following investigation, copping an own goal and being charged as the culprit.

But if that wasn’t enough, a few days later, the thrashing by Britain’s Tyson Fury of Deontay Wilder.

Furthermore, I picked it. Don’t believe me but I have witnesses. On the day before I told two mates I suspected Tyson would stun both his opponent and the world by abandoning his life-long (and highly successful) Ali run and jab approach and shock the never hitherto beaten let alone floored Wilder by attacking from the opening bell. And so he did, battering Wilder for 5 rounds and dropping him three times before his corner, perhaps a round too late, tossed the towel in. And, you won’t believe it, but my mates will confirm, I picked six rounds.

Then finally, to put paid to any doubts about the existence of a justice-dispensing God, who as an aside is plainly a cricket lover, he put aside the zillions of prayer requests constantly heading his way and instead delivered up a fantastic day for us against India, the world’s top test team.

Bloody well done God. Take ten marks and keep it up.



Well, Yeshua bar Joseph is the MVP ever

Well re the cricket I like to think Joshua bar Joseph is the MVP ever

    Like the graffiti seen in Manchester some 50 years ago, on a sign that declared, “Jesus saves!”

    “ …but George Best scores on the rebound”.

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