I’m delighted to read Azerbaijan and Armenian soldiers are once again shooting one another. I say that as notwithstanding the Caucasians being a favourite region of mine, most bravado by soldiers tends to be targeted at civilians, so it’s good to see them on the blunt end of this greatest human failure activity for a change.


Disputing a Dominion-Post correspondent’s assertion that the Prime Minister was “a celebrity and not much else”, a Trevor Tofts wrote,

              “If a celebrity can handle a massacre, White Island disaster and dealing with Covid… she must be a PM of substance”.


I’ve just received an email letter from a Sydney service supplier in respect of one of our properties, asking if I’d please supply them an email address for their records.

To add to the stupidity, while correctly addressed to me, there’s no signature. I shall not reply.


Seasoned Press Gallery journo’ Audrey Young made an interesting observation recently.

Writing about ACT’s dramatic rise in the polls (I predicted this early this year on this blog) she wrote, “if Seymour ends up with nine MPs, history suggests at least one will spectacularly demonstrate an unsuitability to politics”.


12 days ago I published some 2020 NZ death statistics, specifically,

Road toll this year – 218 deaths

Coronavirus this year – 25 deaths

Here’s an update

Road toll since then – 14 deaths

Coronavirus since then – Nil deaths

Given the virus lockdown success illustrated by these comparisons, it’s utterly unacceptable that Ashley hasn’t called for a ban on cars.