I’m delighted to read Azerbaijan and Armenian soldiers are once again shooting one another. I say that as notwithstanding the Caucasians being a favourite region of mine, most bravado by soldiers tends to be targeted at civilians, so it’s good to see them on the blunt end of this greatest human failure activity for a change.

That said, having seen both countries military when visiting I’d bet heavily that the Ponsonby rugby team could take out their armies in a day. They’re simply not militant peoples, to their great credit.

Both countries have very pleasant capitals, indeed as someone with a passion for cities I rate Baku in particular as one of the best designed cities in the world.

Armenians used to brag about their capital Yerevan being the ultimate café society, with some justification. But no longer. Prior to the virus the whole world, spurred by mass tourism, transformed its central cities into non-stop restaurants, coffee-houses and bars. That was a very positive evolvement in terms of human happiness and hopefully, post-virus when a vaccine is found, it will be restored.

Incidentally, if you’re interested, not for the first time they’re scrapping over a part of Azerbaijan occupied by Armenians who wish to become part of Armenia. So it’s an idiotic territorial nationalist sentiment up against an idiotic cultural nationalist sentiment, both equally small-minded. World class stupidity destroying halfwits who decided the only life they’ll ever have be devoted to training killing people. It’s great to see them on the receiving end of this.

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