A week ago I slammed the appearance on the Hutt-Wellington motoring of an infantile “BE BRAVE” sign. I’m pleased to report it was promptly removed.

Let’s hope the government introduces a mush ban for the future and puts an end once and for all to the teddy bear crap, “BE KIND,” “TEAM OF 5 MILLION” infantile insults. It might play well in Te Kuiti but is enormously insulting to everyone else.


Amongst women born after 1980 those infantile exhortations have huge appeal. And, sadly, they are a huge block of the voting population.

What has Te Kuiti done to merit such opprobrium?


Reminds me of the saying that everyone should have the right to vote, but a lot should not exercise that right.

It leads to people voting based on feelings and personalites, rather than facts and policies and everyone except those in power lose.

The ‘be kind’ exhortation was appropriate at the time of lockdown as their were a good proportion of nzders who were not on side with the covid response by this govt. The simple ‘be kind’tempered those with angry opposition to anything the govt did to respond to covid and stopped most in fear of public humiliation.

Bollocks! The BE KIND actually just served to annoy the be-jesus out of us when reading/seeing/hearing it. Be Kind my arse. It was childish nonsense, like all the C R * P our Head Kindy teacher has spouted .. teddy bears in windows, the tooth fairy & Easter Bunny are ‘essential workers’. Pffffh…

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