In a world gone mad with political correctness and contrived offence-taking, this site is dedicated to fighting back.

Let’s rejoice in our diversity, poke fun at it when appropriate and mock those sad souls who seek regimentation for everyone to align with their views. Most of all, let’s laugh at life in all of its continuing craziness.


In an excellent piece of journalism, Stuff’s Nikki Macdonald reported on how a fervent Otago Catholic, Jack Enright, died and in his will he cut out five of his six children for deserting the faith. Enright had obviously worked hard, building an estate through a Trust valued at $11.5million.

The High Court has now awarded the five ostracised claimants a relatively small share of the estate based on income earned over a period, on grounds the report did not adequately explain, but it largely rejected the capital claim.


In 2015 then Justice Minister Amy Adams approved a Chinese Government’s extradition request, their first ever to New Zealand. This pertained to Korean born male Kyung Yup Kim, who moved to New Zealand when 14 and presumably is now a New Zealand citizen.

The Chinese Government accuse him of first beating, then murdering a 20 year old prostitute while holidaying in Shanghai in 2009.


The New Zealand government has now bowed before the school-teachers’ ongoing strike threat and reached an agreement of a new satisfactory salary order.

I don’t condemn the teachers in principle as everyone should be free to withdraw their labour. But what leaves a bad taste is when it’s union-organised which amounts to intimidation. That suggestion would bewilder all but our older generation who won’t have forgotten the endless black-mailing union strikes of the 1970s.

By far the worst were the inter-island ferries annual seamen’s strike just before every Christmas break. Each time, to avoid holiday chaos, the government was obliged to succumb.


The New Zealand Rugby Union has announced the qualification requirements for the new All Black coach.

1) He must have a perpetually gloomy demeanour and produce affidavits from two psychiatrists that he suffers from acute depression.

2) Additionally, affidavits are required from four witnesses who can swear they’ve known him for at least two decades and confirm he has never once smiled.