The above is a New Zealand Herald website heading.

It’s extraordinary given it pertains to their own columnist and is totally inaccurate.

In fact the complaint quite rightly was not upheld as the subsequent article made clear. This is yet another typical newspaper sub-editor cockup in writing utterly misleading headings to stories, not through malice but instead slop.


Back in early March I wrote on this site that intuition told me when it’s all done and dusted I suspect Sweden will prove to have got it right with what was then described as the herd approach to the corona virus. Now increasingly the serious press abroad is publishing articles from diverse “experts” saying as much.


What a hypocritical furore following the government’s announcement lifting the top tax rate from 33% to 39%. That means once over the threshold figure high income earners must now work all Monday and Tuesday before they’re left any money for themselves.


Over my eight decades life-time I’ve witnessed many major changes. By far the biggest has been the sexual equality revolution, something which say a 20 year old today might be puzzled to read about as they now take it for granted. It wasn’t always that way. For example, I recall in the mid 1960s when the word got about that a woman lawyer had hung up her shingle in Lower Hutt. Such a thing seemed inconceivable and I recall with a couple of local commercial property characters, going to her office address to see for ourselves.