The above photo shows the New Zealand Organ Donors Association members on their way to their AGM.

We must all admire their splendid altruism.


Inspired (predictably) by the Greens who have busy-bodism in their DNA, and backed by a petition which 157,000 New Zealanders signed and 4,990,000 did not, the government intends banning conversion therapy, that is the practise by some fringe Christian groups of endeavouring to talk someone with non-heterosexual impulses, into the straight and narrow.


The death of former Argentinian President Carlos Menem has commanded obituaries in the world’s media, not the least because, in the words of The Guardian, of his exotic private life. For example, one of his first Presidential acts was booting his wife out of the Presidential Palace and replacing her with a former Miss Universe, 35 years his junior.


Today’s Dominion-Post delivered up an absolute cracker on the nonsensical “news creation” front.


Our two home test series, first against the West Indies and then Pakistan late last year, lacked sparkle as the outcomes were never in doubt.