In their typical pack-running imitative practise, our media have had a field-day slamming the Health Minister David Clark for allegedly, “throwing the Director of Health, Ashley Bloomfield, under the bus”.

This is rubbish. The failure of the checking system fell squarely on Bloomfield’s management responsibility.


The Dominion Post have announced on their front page today, a hitherto unknown basic human right, specifically for incarcerated crims to hug their children. Is it written in the law? The Dom didn’t say.

The Human Rights Commissioner will be green at this treading on their territory of inventing human rights, nevertheless they chimed in with their endorsement, a spokesperson commenting, “people in detention have a human right to have contact with their whanau and loved ones.”


“One of the best Auckland lawyers” struck off over incompetent advise to nude model charged with indecent act.”

The above is a Herald heading which lifted my spirits. But it still can’t top a wonderful Dominion newspaper heading nearly 40 years ago, namely, “Chainsaw wielding transvestite attacked Mr Whippy man.” That was world class.


Some respondents have accused me of hypocrisy when I asked commentators to cut out gratuitous abuse, mostly aimed at the PM, but also other politicians.

The hypocrisy they point to was my description of Trump as a “grotesque, psychopathic, ignorant, lying megalomaniac.”