Seasoned Press Gallery journo’ Audrey Young made an interesting observation recently.

Writing about ACT’s dramatic rise in the polls (I predicted this early this year on this blog) she wrote, “if Seymour ends up with nine MPs, history suggests at least one will spectacularly demonstrate an unsuitability to politics”.

I pondered that and realised how right she was.

Start with NZ First which has had a lot of MPs this century, nearly all of whom have subsequently fallen by the wayside.

Jim Anderton’s Alliance imploded, not the least because of some utterly hopeless people he brought into Parliament.

So too in 2002 in a low turn-out election when unexpectedly Peter Dunne’s United Future creation ended up with 8 MPs. Very quickly most proved disastrous.

Critics are fond of talking up MMP as a more representative system but that’s only on face value.

What is clear is representation-wise its major effect has been to bring into Parliament an awful lot of screaming no-hopers who in short time return to their well deserved previous obscurity.

Still, no-hopers make up a sizeable sector of the population so I suppose they’re entitled to Parliamentary representation which MMP has certainly delivered.


Any company that claims it supports diversity, must by definition have a lot of idiots

You forgot the Greens, all in government off the list. It might be democratic but the economic havoc they can take credit for is off the charts.

    The Greens have a policy of equality and diversity etc etc. However, adhering to their own policies has always been difficult for them. Having eight MPs you would expect them to have four men and four women. Having only two men is so hypocritical.

    My prediction is a Labour / Greens government that will be thrown out spectacularly after three years of increased taxes and disasters all around.

You got that one right! But also take a look at some of the people high up on the National and Labour lists. Many of them are hopeless and couldn’t win selection for a winnable electorate.

Andrew’s instincts say Act will need to be careful with Nicole McKee.

She’s got a deep chip on her shoulder, has no true respect for the Act party (she just isn’t an Act person), and will piss all over the party for her own agenda, be what it may, if she gets on a self-righteous trip. Or is that wrong? My instincts for people have proven notorious right, historically. I hope I am wrong though.

If she turns into a dud, then David Seymour will need to grow some and kick her out without hesitation, to protect Act’s brand. We will see!

The Greens. There’s the old nation wide IQ test again.
Poling and reports from the left estate actually make it clear the country has the the average IQ of Homer Simpson.
How many times will the average Kiwi put their finger in the socket?

Hardly unique to ACT. Similar disasters have always appeared in the main parties as well. Worse, some of them became Ministers.

Is the Herald’s selectivity really objective reporting?

Your last paragraph sums up our biggest issue today Sir Bob.
“Still, no-hopers make up a sizeable sector of the population so I suppose they’re entitled to Parliamentary representation which MMP has certainly delivered.”
At what point in our evolution as a species do we address this? Certainly as our “choosen politicians” áre progressively showing less and less ability supported by an inferior political system i.e MMP, then there is very little chance anything is going to change.
3 changes I would support 100%.
1. Halve the number of MPs (no race based representation also).
2. You must pass a test to show you have the political knowledge and IQ to be able to vote intelligently.
3. If you are in anyway a benefactor totally (additional income over the minimum wage annulls this), care of the state, you cannot vote. ( including the incarcerated).
Ohh. MMP has to go.
Then you might make some progress.

Folks for two reasons we need these numpties;
Firstly the wonderful entertainment value their follies and the obvious public response lead by the self righteous braying donkeys delivers ,
and secondly that if promoted their incompetence ensures nothing really unfixable ensues and “the invisible hand “will eventually take full effect economically and allow those of us with something in the cranial vault to find a way benefit from the law of unintended consequences much to the bewilderment of the political and public service intelligentsia.

Based on the latest polls; believe them or not
7% support Green – 8% support ACT =15% – so that means 85% of the population DO NOT support these parties. It is quite easy for the media to portray some other story, simple maths say by far the majority do not want either of these turkeys any near parliament.

    Not quite so sure due to MMP.
    Labour heads more towards true communist principles daily whilst the Greens are already there. All Green voters know their party will join with Labour. So a vote for the Greens equals access to Governance and therefore influence e.g. publicly funded private propoganda schools and death to use of all mineral resources.
    Likewise an Act voter knows Act will team with the Nats. So same position as above equaling a chance to have real influence.
    This is Winston problem today. He lied to, knifed and dropped a log on his voter base and now NO ONE trusts him. And he has no voters.
    Plus he gathered around a set of corrupt individuals the public have finally seen through. Jones’ 18 mill money scramble to his Maori mates today totally epitomised the entire party and the showed the depths to which they will sink. Knowing they are on the way down he throws a pile of wasted money out. Synical in the extreme. Criminal charges should be laid.

Yes, Act will need to tread carefully to avoid their own history repeating. Winston’s biggest failure is that he had no real succession plan, Shane Jones is the only other face of NZ First. Greens brand of communism, well and truly have their Co-leaders, and Chloe is active in getting the JA treatment from the media. Even when not in power, Greens seem to be able to be able to voice their public opinion, which greatly improves their brand. Peter Dunn failed basically because a party of one is not having a party. Act will need to grow their presence in parliament, representation in a support role to National, should not be an option. They need to develop politicians, be it from the rag tag dregs of society most aspire from. Most other parties have career academics, and activist, chomping to become politicians. Luckily for Act, this is really their second coming, granted as a minority role in the opposition, though this time they will need to get their people into publicity. Have meaningful policies, which dumb ass voters can differentiate and associate with. Policies, where the media need to ask an opinion from Act, not just publish Act’s stated policy. So all in all, Act’s best tactic is to campaign right through to the next election (2023 or sooner), develop a team of leaders (not just DS), and show us they do have the skills and experience to run this country. Though, the incumbent Govt, has proven me wrong as far as any need for skills and experience. Personality, seems more important.

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