I was saddened to read the wrongly dubbed Mad Mike Hughes’s altruistic efforts to prove the world is flat, have come to nought.

Regrettably the Californian’s inaugural home-made rocket’s flight planned for outer space, from which he intended to take photos confirming that the world is flat, managed only 570 metres before crashing back to earth and killing Mike in the process.

I suspect sabotage from the truth-deniers (probably a CIA conspiracy) nevertheless Mike’s name will ultimately stand up there with Galileo, Newton and company, all who suffered to varying degrees for bucking established faith.

Look out the bloody window and see for yourself. Mountains and hills aside you can see the earth is flat.

President of the New Zealand Flat Earth Society, Wellington QC Hugh Rennie, tells me the society plans a fund-raiser to erect statues of Mike in all of our universities’ science departments’ entrance halls.

Waikato University’s Vice-Chancellor Neil Quigley has already agreed and I gather Auckland Uni’s Vice-Chancellor Stu McCutcheon is warming to the idea.

Also on board is Police Minister Stuart Nash, Speaker Trevor Mallard and Judith Collins.

The truth will ultimately prevail and Mike’s sacrifice will not have been


“On June 19, 240 BCE, Eratosthenes of Cyrene measured the shadow angle of a sundial in Alexandria, Egypt. From this measurement, he estimated the circumference of the Earth with surprising accuracy.” His calculations were within 16% of the circumference we can measure today. With all the incredible technology and the vast amount of information we have at our fingertips it amazes me that people can still lack the basic empirical skills to extract meaning and instead form conclusions that can be easily disproven.

More like a lifestyle choice and a nice earner as an ‘odd’ guest crackpot. I noted the rocket had sponsors, must have been some spin for them. Living the dream. Then dying in pursuit of it.

Now we know the real reason Massey closing their second science campus due to cost issues. They couldn’t afford to erect 2 staues !!

I have been greatly encouraged by Sir Robert’s commitment to fund these statues. At a time of financial challenge to universities (especially where at least one faces an identity crisis), they will be inspiring and uplifting. My only concern is that Sir Robert is yet to deliver on his Gareth Morgan statue project, which is now unacceptably overdue.
Donors wishing to support these projects should cut out the middleman by contacting Sir Robert direct.

We should all be thankful he didn’t tip the world over when he crashed.

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