The above is a New Zealand Herald heading providing yet further proof of the decline in newspaper standards. Why? Because the accompanying story has absolutely nothing to do with racism. Instead it reports some Auckland Muslims establishing a website for Muslims to record incidents of alleged abuse.

Apparently a Herald sub-editor is under the impression Islam is a race.


I’m amazed by the number of people who believe Islam is a race and have little to no idea that it is a religious political system that shuns change and tries to close down debate concerning its behaviour and tenets under the guise of ‘hate speech’,

Sadly, NZ is going down the same path as Australia in terms of importing large numbers of followers of “the religion of peace” (a blatant oxymoron) and I estimate we are about 5-7 years behind Australia in terms of the negative impacts (extremist violence, crime, complaining activists promoting public dissent) that large numbers of muslim immigrants have had on their largest cities. Given that NZ and our closest allies are at war with a significant portion of the muslim world (in addition to the open violence and simmering tensions that exist within muslim communities in Western countries) importing large numbers of muslims makes as much sense as importing large numbers of Germans in 1940. Sure, there will be some peaceful people happy to be out of a war zone and free to get on with their lives but there will also be some nazi sympathisers who will plan covert acts of violent sabotage in their adopted country and actively support the third reich back home. If some local ratbag took it upon himself to hand out some vigilante justice to the nazi sympathisers, I wonder if the Prime Minister of the day would have donned lederhosen and declared his solidarity with the victims and if large numbers of NZers would have held candlelight vigils in tearful support?

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