18 months or so ago, Wellington’s Dominion Post replaced its disastrous editor. There was a marked improvement although the new chap somewhat marred this for never explained reasons, by lapsing into maori in editorials and topics to an absurd degree.


31 months ago, in January 2018, during the silly season, a journalists term for the Xmas – January holiday period in which nothing happens, a Herald journalist came up with an idea.

He went back a decade and read the Herald in January 2008 in the hope of regurgitating something of interest from a decade ago. Unfortunately, he found nothing worth writing about, so he became “creative.”


In a recent Herald article, Caro Rainsford, a director of Google in New Zealand, argued that the lockdown’s closure of schools and universities, paved a new education future of digital learning.

She’s talking nonsense.


Biden has predictably chosen Kamala Harris as his running mate and thus, probably President in four years time. Her selection seemed a no-brainer as she’s a goer with first-class credentials and was a standout among the female contenders to whom he’d foolishly confined his selection.


A recent NZ Herald correspondent finished his letter on the Victorian pandemic with “Poor buggers”.

Reading that now acceptable expression, took my memory back to a 1956 Springbok tour test match. It was a huge event in then non-event New Zealand, with the nation listening to the game broadcast on radio in those pre-television days.