I’ve campaigned in vain for years now over the claim there’s such a thing as natural human rights. There’s not. Such assertions are simply an arbitrary wish list but insisting they’re a natural innate right, as opposed say to a legal right, induces a misplaced expectation and sense of entitlement at everyone else’s expense.

For example, everyone has a legal right to own a home but some don’t have the wherewithal ability to do so. Claim it’s a natural human right however and rather than make the effort to buy a home, some people will demand society (you and me) has an obligation to provide them one.

The Human Rights Commission is an absurdity and constantly proves that with announcements of fresh, hitherto unknown natural human rights they’ve invented.

They excelled themselves with this foolishness last year when their Deputy Commissioner came out claiming a warm home is a natural human right. Mind you, I was still reeling at the time from the report of the Prime Minister’s speech to the Pike River mining victims’ families, specifically that it’s a natural human right to come home after work each day. Plainly in that case it most certainly wasn’t.

But unexpectedly at long last our Human Rights Commission has won me over with their latest announcement, namely to create a “nation-wide sexual harassment strategy”. When I read this my spirits soared. Finally this agency was doing something useful and I forgave my Auckland office for leasing them their headquarters in one of my buildings. I had visions of instruction courses, practical applied sessions and so on, detailing successful sexual harassment techniques, and of course in this age of equality, not just for blokes but for women as well. Us good looking chaps have been sexually harassed for years now and in the spirit of co-operation we’ve learnt not to resist. But I cannot deny the world would be a much better place were even more females to participate.

But alas, reading on, far from advisory courses on successful molestation methodology, all the HRC are proposing is another totally pointless and costly national bloody enquiry, as if we haven’t enough going on now.

Such a full-scale investigation is unnecessary. The HRC can simply write a report on their own much publicised first-hand experiences of sexual harassment last year, the complainants being their office’s female employees.

All this nonsense evidences that this government agency is struggling to find a raison d’etre.


can’t wait to read more thoughts

Have only just discovered this blog. Sadly missed your writings and hope you will be posting on this blog regularlyl

Always a belly laugh with Sir Bob.

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