Following my comments on great newspaper headings and the Dominion’s (as it was them before amalgamating with the Evening Post) “Chainsaw Wielding Cross-dresser pursues Westport Mr Whippy”, the Herald website gave us a pretty good one yesterday.

“UK man armed with crossbow tries to flee Australia on a jetski”.

He nearly succeeded too, managing the 140km journey across the Tores Strait to Papua New Guinea before coming stuck in the mud flats at his destination. Still, a great effort from a 57 year old Pom on the run from the police, showing the spirit of Dunkirk is still alive and well. And what a boring world it would be without these episodes of individual madness to keep us all entertained.


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Greetings Sir Robert,
Reminds me of the numerous and notorious ‘Florida man’ headlines.
For example: ‘Florida man who tried to “Run” to Bermuda in inflatable bubble rescued by coast guard, again’, or ‘Florida man denies drinking and driving, says he only swigged bourbon at stop signs’ to name but a few.
Another would be the ‘Darwin Awards’ – which you might find enjoyable..

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