News of the likelihood of Hawkes Bay copping another major earthquake raises the obvious question. That is, why does God hate the Bay?

One thing’s certain. Churches abound in Napier and Hastings so it ought to be plain to their respective flocks that they’re wasting valuable golf or fishing or whatever time, snivelling about on their knees every Sunday. God’s not listening and instead has you in his sights.

Indeed it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s all this bloody irritating praying that’s motivating him and who can blame him? Think Christchurch and the smashing of the Cathedral.

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conspicuousconsumer16 April 5, 2019 at 3:12 pm

Hawke’s Bay exists on a fault line.
The idea that an earthquake could occur there is hardly news, but it does give our earnest press something to handwring over.
They are too incompetent to report accurately what has actually happened so delight in scaring the townsfolk with whatever might happen days, weeks, years from now.
I recall that after the serious Christchurch earthquakes, Auckland experienced an extremely minor tremor which had our ‘journalists’ telling us that Rangitoto was not going to blow. Who didn’t know that already?

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