I see a goose by the name of M.R. Souness has appro’ of absolutely nothing, placed the following item on my site.

“Hi Bob,

I just want to let you know that I brought bit coins because you recommended it and I’ve been scammed out of $9,020 thanks a lot. Please don’t recommend that anymore”.

This of course is fiction as anyone knowing me would quickly recognise. That’s because I’m far too snobbish to talk to anyone who says “brought” for “bought”. Presumably therefore M.R. Souness will claim he read me saying this.

So here’s the good news for M.R. Souness. Show me where I wrote recommending Bitcoins and I’ll write you a cheque for a million dollars.


I don’t know why you should get all the blame when apparently Mr Hart, Sir John Key and the Prime Minister have all been championing Bitcoin scams with the assistance of the NZ Herald, CNN and other illustrious names. None have made such a generous offer to the older but not much wiser, though.

As a member of the same Ngati-Scottish tribe from which S. R. Souness’ surname Indicates he derives, I also call “bullshit” on his claim. No Scotsman anywhere anytime has ever spent as much as $9,020.

Also, in response to S. R. Souness’ claim that he allegedly took advice, I call “bullshit” yet again. As is indisputably true, while you can always tell a Scotsman, you cannay tell him much!

If you freely buy something that ends up having no value you haven’t been scammed you have made a bad decision. I should know as I am currently out the backdoor by 84% on my bitcoin “investments”. (read gamble) Fortunately I only “invested” a small amount whilst keeping my major investments in areas I had control of on the basis of sensible investment principles.

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