The media had fun teasing the government after it transpired that the photo of a happy mother and her 10 year old daughter shown on the cover of the budget and bought from an agency, were in fact Aussies. To rub salt into it, it transpired the mother had come across last year looking for modelling work, couldn’t crack it and returned home a few months later.

Thank God for that. Read her comments as reported, this I remind you from a woman in her 30s.

Advised of her new found fame by a friend she was quoted, “I was like what have I done? And she’s like, “I’m sure it’s you and I’m like…”” and so on and on it gruesomely went.

Surely another example like, of like Rob Muldoon’s famous quip like that, “migration from New Zealand to Australia lifts the IQ levels of both countries”.


Like, yeah. Like, I * like this eh?


speech qualifiers (to the limit)…


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