A few hours after I posted the item last week on the Colin Craig-Jordan Williams courtroom stoush, lo and behold Justice Kit Toogood issued his judgement on the costs debate regarding Craig’s battle with Cameron Slater. He found against Craig describing him as “self-obsessed, lacking self-awareness and insight and, to a degree, hypocritical.”

If Craig has an ounce of common-sense he will pay regard to those wise words. The issues he continuously pursues are ancient history, relating to the 2011 election. No-one cares and while initially highly entertaining, are now wearingly tiresome. He should drop further litigation and get on with his life.

More interesting was the photo of the judge accompany the Stuff report. With the news from Britain a week back that medical professionals there found via DNA reports that a tenth of their patients were not sired by their fathers, Kit Toogood need have no concern on that score. He’s evolved into the splitting image of his famous dad, the great Selwyn Toogood, arguably our most famous television personality of the 1960s and 70s.

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