Given the general wonderfulness now ascribed to homosexuality I’ll tell you the funniest book ever written on the topic. That is “Gents” by English author Warwick Collins, published in 1997.

It’s a short novel set in a large London men’s public toilet, thus the title. The premises becomes a popular assignation choice for homosexual trysts in the cubicles, which shock its three West Indian full-time cleaners, probably the only (minor) flaw in the plot as three seem somewhat excessive. Two are church-going law abiding, simple and decent souls, the third is a Rastafarian who takes a go with the flow approach to life.

It’s a brilliant and very funny plot, specifically on how and why these cleaners’ attitude to their ‘clientele’ swings from extreme disapproval and aggressive action to tolerance and virtually encouragement. The essence of it is about the flexibility of moral judgements, as determined by their effect on one.

It’s worth the effort to find a copy through the web. You will thank me.

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Let me guess: Alan Jones wrote the foreword 🙂


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