Former Australian tennis great Pat Cash last week told the media how on 20 occasions over his past three post-tennis decades when he’s got in the poo financially, he’s resorted to prayer. And each time he advised, God immediately recused him. He cited by way of example, how once in desperate straits he prayed for God to help. Immediately the phone rang and he was offered a huge fee for an exhibition match.

Predictable this has brought much mocking, but not from me for I know it works.

I say that for having spent my entire life mocking religion, one response had been literally many hundred of letters over the years from skybayers, sometimes sending me bibles or tracts but without exception all saying they’re praying for me. As a result of this sustained badgering on my behalf, God, who’s obviously a good bloke when it comes to dealing the goods to pure living chaps such as me, has heaped upon me his rich bounty.

As for the flow of bibles, these I’ve dispatched to friends and foes alike with a letter from “well-wisher” saying “this will help you in your current distress”.

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