14 God worshippers were killed and 50 injured when a tent collapsed on a religious service in India yesterday, thus inviting the obvious question, where was bloody God?

Taking a break from the relentless haranguing of prayers directed his way perhaps, or does he simply not like Indians? But it can’t be that or there wouldn’t be so many of them. The bugger certainly moves in mysterious ways.


I’ve received more mail claiming there’s material on Facebook asserting I recommend Bitcoin.

It seems there’s little I can do about this but be assured, Bitcoin is for losers which is why its advocates are reverting to fraudulent claims, such as using my name to promote it. If it had any merit that wouldn’t be necessary.

Bitcoin relies on the classic age-old bigger fool principle, that is the hope that after you buy in, someone even sillier than you will pay even more down the line.

There’s a far better way to make money which in one word is called thinking.


Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is currently putting the finishing touches to his political memoirs. Now he’s come up against an unexpected hurdle, gleefully reported by the Australian media.

Despite not having read the manuscript, the publisher’s insurers have advised they don’t want a bar of it and have withdrawn from any libel cover.

Turnbull has never hidden his bitterness at being rolled. One can assume he will be particularly scathing at those who engineered it, particularly the ghastly Tony Abbot who I correctly forecast on this site, would lose his normally safe Liberal seat in the recent election. But the underlying insurers concern is the spate of million dollar plus libel awards in recent years in Australia. All of these but one strike me as justified and that, to an actress, was subsequently cut back hard on appeal.


Former Australian tennis great Pat Cash last week told the media how on 20 occasions over his past three post-tennis decades when he’s got in the poo financially, he’s resorted to prayer. And each time he advised, God immediately recused him. He cited by way of example, how once in desperate straits he prayed for God to help. Immediately the phone rang and he was offered a huge fee for an exhibition match.

Predictable this has brought much mocking, but not from me for I know it works.