Almost Daily Wellington’s Dominion-Post newspaper hammers readers on the wickedness of plastic.

And daily the newspaper is delivered to subscribers sealed waterproof in plastic. Hypocrisy? Yes, but the Dom’s dilemma epitomises the problem facing so many users of this wonderful product.

Plastic is not in fact the problem, rather the issue lies with its disposal and it’s that where research should concentrate. Ban the Dom’ from machine wrapping the neatly folded in half newspaper and it will be left with only one option, namely hand delivery to letterboxes.

That simply means extra delivery staff when it can no longer be hurled onto a drive. But in the context of things that’s not a massive expense. Unlike many other commercial activities reliant on plastic, it surely befalls the newspaper to either do this or stop writing about its wickedness, and by implication, the wickedness of its users.

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