Last Thursday the Dominion Post editorialised on teaching New Zealand history saying, “there’s a need to have a painful conversation about our history…”.

The following day in Christchurch, the Prime Minister, doing her hugging stuff, this time with a bunch of school-kids, by a most remarkable coincidence, said, “there’s a need to have a painful conversation about our history”.

Two points arise.

First, Jacinda should sack her speech‑writer and find someone who can think for his or herself, rather than copy the Dom’s meaningless platitudes.

Second, if the Dom’s anonymous editorialist and Jacinda sincerely mean this guff I’d be delighted to host them having this desired “conversation”. Being public spirited, my role would be to provide their sought after pain. I have in mind 1000 volts, at 10 second intervals, interspersed with some well deserved flogging. It could be a wonderful television spectacle and by God it would be well warranted.


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Outstanding idea, I can organise the tv coverage.

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