Both the Herald and the Dominion Post, (and doubtless other newspapers) have done an absolutely first rate job impartially presenting the hundreds of (generally unknown) candidates for the forthcoming local government election.

Each have been accorded a photograph, biographic details and space to express their policies.

I say impartial but with one qualification. The Herald’s senior journalists, Bernard Orsman and Simon Wilson also presented a double‑page spread reviewing the existing Auckland Councillors’ performances. It was highly entertaining.

Despite him resembling an axe murderer both waxed lyrical about Daniel Newman, rating him easily the best Councillor.

At the other end of the scale they rubbished new Councillor Paul Young who apparently sits there and never speaks.

It will be recalled, I poured scorn on Young recently for that wearying cry of racism (he’s Chinese) when like hundreds of other candidates across the land, his billboards were defaced.

Also copping a well deserved blast as yesterday’s man was old lefty dinosaur Mike Lee. This from Simon Wilson. “Bitterness has blinded him. He opposes all progress, attends few Councillor workshops, votes ‘No’ like he’s the last martyr on earth.”

John Tamihere’s ill‑chosen running mate Christine Fletcher unsurprisingly capped both a dismal rating and scathing comment, e.g. from Wilson. “She makes the same speech over and over again. Is irrelevant.”

Orsman and Lee as civic reporters have done an excellent job with this evaluation. Let’s hope voters respond and back their assessments.

In Wellington’s Dominion Post Dileepa Fonseka, doubtless a pseudonym, seems an improbable journalist, as he lacks the critical journalist trait of laziness. The bugger pops up seemingly on every page. His civic reporting is superb, so too his theatre criticism and general reporting.

I’d love to see him unleash with a critique of the current Councillors’ respective performances, as in Auckland.




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The Auckland Franklin District local newspapers refuse to publish candidate profiles.

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