It’s unbelievable! The entire front page, plus another inside, is devoted to an argument going on over trivia in the grey power movement. To indicate its pettiness, a complainant in the movement has called for an “uncomfortable conversation about its culture.”

In fairness she’s an American migrant, probably from California where talking cock is normal, nevertheless when she gets that “conversation” started I’d be delighted to provide the discomfort with some periodic flogging.

All of this is not editorial incompetence, rather it’s proof of what a quiet uneventful country New Zealand is.

I’m frequently abroad, usually for about a fortnight in Europe, then a month or so home before the next trip.

Immediately on my return I sit down and read all of the newspapers published in my absence and marvel at their emptiness for unlike say in Britain, nothing has happened.

This is where Trump could hugely help and bring some genuine excitement into New Zealand life.

Jacinda is about to have an utterly pointless and platitudinous meeting with him at the White House, all at great cost to taxpayers.

As Trump is on record bragging, “When I meet a new woman I grab them by the crotch.”

Please, please God let that happen when he meets Jacinda and I’ll become a believer.





Trump never said that. I believe it was something along the lines of “When you are rich they let you grab them by the pu**y.

Thanks for the ‘laff’..god knows we need ’em!

Love your snippets of mirth.
Just to put you right , the assignation is in NYC not the White House.
To ensure your wishes come true I strongly suggest that Cindy takes along her former Chief of Staff to offer Donald some advice on grabbing them by the crotch !

I love it, “she’s from California where talking cock is normal”.
So right !

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