We’ve had three years of non‑stop Trumpian outrages and three years of non‑stop Democrat desperate calling for impeachment action.

The over publicised and sometimes shrill Alexandra Ocasio‑Cortez, the youngest ever member of Congress, has been in the vanguard of impeachment trumpeting but a month back, the sagacious top Democrat and House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, effectively told her to put a sock in it. Basically, Nancy’s wise advice was that a failed impeachment action would strengthen Trump’s re‑election prospects and further deepen the already huge rift in American society today.

Now Pelosi has announced a formal impeachment enquiry into the Ukraine affair. She’s too damn smart to do that unless she’s certain of her grounds and for the first time ever Trump is looking decidedly worried.

What seems clear is that Pelosi has played Trump like a trout and knows a lot more than she’s letting on.

First came the news of a whistle‑blowing claim about the phone conversation and the Biden son assertion. Trump treated this with his stock fake news assertion. Then, a further titbit release and an unusually subdued Trump had no choice but to do a U‑turn and admit he’d lied and the Biden son matter was discussed. That was an appalling lack of judgement, moreso as despite the polls, I can’t see Biden gaining the nomination.

Trump’s in big trouble on this one and he knows it. I suspect his half‑hearted delivery of his ludicrous United Nations address was an ill‑considered attempt to prepare a defence for what’s coming.

Preaching a preposterous nationalistic line that it’s every country’s duty to abandon internationalism and solely look after itself, stunned his audience and was utterly inappropriate for that forum.

My suspicion is this was to lay the ground work for a defence that rules don’t count when dealing with other nations, thus anything he said to the Ukrainian President is of no matter. It won’t wash, moreso given the implicit bribery in a few days before his phone call, he having cut aid to the Ukraine, for no meaningful reason. A number of Republicans have publicly expressed their horror at this expose, plus some Fox News commentators have quietly stated their alarm.

All of that said, at this stage it’s important to note it’s an investigation whether an impeachment action is justified and not yet an actual impeachment process. Pelosi will look silly if it comes to nothing and knows it, which is why I think she must be very confident she’s on solid ground. Time will tell.

We can wring our hands over the Brexit chaos and Trump’s outrageous Presidency but that’s futile. Life goes on in Britain, which as an aside, like America, is booming. Far better to treat it all as a highly entertaining spectacle and sit back and enjoy it.


Accurate as. We worry about too much instead of enjoying the spectacle.

Quite right. Too many stress of things that do not affect them personally and viewed from the outside are damn entertaining.

I come here for intelligent and considered observation. You have let yourself down by parroting drivel from the msm, that has no support in reality.
Your appeals to emotion, and the msm narrative, are factually wrong. I could provide examples of that, but so could you.

There are no grounds for impeachment as Trump broke no laws. Since when has asking a foreign leader to investigate corruption a criminal act, especially when the foreign leader was intending to look into it anyway? Are the crooked siblings of corrupt politicians above the law?

Even if an impeachment is successful, which seems very unlikely as there is no crime, this will backfire badly on the Democrats & is a big yawn. The Democrats are desperate after the Mueller investigation & everybody despises desperation – they will lose badly in the house, senate, and presidential elections as a result this idiotic move.

Attorney General Bill Barr’s investigations will be far more substantial & noteworthy I suspect.

    I agree – and 2020 promises to be a vintage year both here and there …

    “There are no grounds for impeachment as Trump broke no laws”

    That is not a requirement. Impeachment standard is “high crimes and misdemeanors”, but that is not a LEGAL definition. An impeachable offense occurs when a president violates the oath to abide by the constitution’s limits and respect its values.

    You may have a view on whether the president has done that. But your stated requirement on when impeachment can be applied is not correct.

      So has Trump committed any “high crimes & misdemeanors” (i.e. broken any laws)? No.

      Neither has he broken his oath to the constitution.

      Your first comment is irrelevant. Like I said, “high crimes & misdemeanors” is specifically framed as NOT having a legal status. It is a statement that has been explicitly defined (I have the definition in my post).
      As for your second, I’m not so sure. The constitution forbids, among other things, behaviour like asking another country to interfere in elections. Asking Russia to release emails, and asking Ukraine to investigate the son of an opponent could well fall into that category.

Hmmm, I think you overestimate Nancy Pelosi. All the democrats have to offer is resistance. No one really wants change as most of them are quite happy with current politics. If the Democrats can’t beat Trump on policy and personality-this won’t really help.

She is probably hoping to harm Joe Biden with the backswing. Taking out a party rival and an enemy at the same time

Is that the best you can come up with Mr. Jones – you surprise me actually – would have thought you would much better insight into the reality of the Democrat/MSM co-ordinated bullshit attacks on Mr T. And that ‘creature from the crypt’ – Pelosi, is the one being played and acting like baby with dementia, surely even you can see that? Biden is the one who has actually done the things they are charging Trump with and the deals with his son are obviously abuse of privilige – shouldn’t they at least investigate that?

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