For 18 months Jacinda enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon from our political journalists and could do no wrong. Largely that was because she’s a genuinely nice person, impossible to dislike.

But for two months now she and her government have been subject to unrelenting media criticism. Partly that’s a reflection of the media’s long‑established pack‑hunting mentality, but mainly it’s because the criticism is valid and consistent. That is the government’s seeming inability to govern, substituting endless enquiries and investigations for actual action.

With Jacinda this manifests itself with her weird obsession of calling for a bloody “conversation” on every issue arising, in lieu of actual action.

It’s getting worse. Reporting on her meeting with Trump in which incidentally, God massively failed me, ignoring my heartfelt prayer for, in his own words when he meets a new woman, Trump to “grab her by the pussy”, Jacinda was quoted thus; “The idea of continuing a conversation around New Zealand trade relations with the United States was greeted warmly.

It was a conversation around our buyback (guns) … so we had a conversation around what happened in New Zealand.”

Do any of these much vaunted conversations ever get a meaningful result?



Bob, the only reason your prayers went unanswered was because Cindy did not take her former Chief of Staff along to give Donald a tutorial!

Only when the Pink Unicorn she talks to answers back

Yes, they do get a result. Like a lobster sitting comfortably in a pot where the water slowly rises in temperature, the invitation to the “conversation” distracts the object of the politician’s intended machinations with the fiction they are being consulted…before the politician then announces the decision that was already made.

Euphemism for weasel words…something she specialises in.

No. Of course not Bob. It is the year of “livery “

I couldn’t agree morefeel like screaming everytime i hear “we need a conversation about this” how about consider the options and bloody do something

She and the rest of her Unelected Government will be called to reckon on Election Day.She may well be lovely .she may well be warm fuzzies ,feminist .politically correct saying all the right things to all people BUT Governance with the Muppets she has around her and the fact that Labour think by greasing the palms of the poor the economy will grow makes her a one horse show .


Alan Kelly

    There’d be no horses and no show without (literally) greasy-handed minimum/low wage labourers…

    …whereas the highest-paid, generally speaking, have conversations (and lunch) all day long and call it work.

    A little more social mobility for ‘the poor’ does no-one any harm. Why go to work at all, if it isn’t for the benefit of society as a whole?

    People whose jobs don’t actually benefit anyone apart from themselves dont get that principle.

Dot forget guys the side to side head rock and the sad eyed cow look

Please don’t encourage her to action because it will be inevitably stupid. She’s safe if she’s only talking.

Serial liar. Complicit with the Labour Party rape culture.

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