Good Lord, I nearly had a heart attack when I read a paid Air NZ advertorial on the Stuff website. Finally, they’ve got something right.

It was headed “Dunedin – Here’s why New Zealander’s best kept secret should be your next city break” and went on to wax enthusiastically about the city.

“It’s a place full of character, an intriguing mix of vibrant urban culture, rich heritage, unique culture and wildlife and exceptional local cuisine”, and much, much more in this vein.

Dead bloody right. I love the place.

I first went there to box, way back in 1957, returning with a broken nose, two broken ribs and both eyes swollen and closed, but I won so that’s all that counted.

Ever since I’ve been back often for diverse reasons and regularly take friends there. It’s far and away our best city and over the last decade has flourished.

If I was Methuselah I’d buy up big there but it’s a bit early for that yet. One caution. If you contemplate visiting ensure you do so when the students are there and not on holiday. They’re an essential part of the city’s wonderful ambience.




Damn right. It’s a great place

“If I was Methuselah I’d buy up big there but it’s a bit early for that yet.” Please expand, s’il vous plaît.

We only discovered it after our youngest became a student down there. Quickly became addicted. I think the ‘pom’ in me makes a visceral connection.

A great little city !

What about the Mayor they have just elected? Soon you won’t be able to drive around the place.

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