Sad to see the slow demise of SKY, yet another new technology victim.

Sport and pay-per-view movies appears to have been its mainstay although for me its major attraction has always been its international news channels.

That said, I don’t think its image is helped by adopting the ghastly contemporary practise of personalising correspondence to strangers.

A circular letter just in advising subscribers of forthcoming movies (wasted on me, I’ve watched 3 in the last 50 years) is addressed “Hi Robert”.

This unwarranted familiarity is simply bad manners.


I completely agree. That practice is aggravating. Even worse, the dire Americanism “Hey, John” which I have suffered lately…

Sky isn’t a technology victim. It’s a victim of its own unbearably arrogant management. Thankfully the CE seems to understand that you can’t force users to subscribe to your services and if you offer the product they want, then they will buy it.

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