There’s no doubt about it. Some of our Funds managers are bloody sharp. But surely there’s few more cutting edge Einsteinish than Harbour Asset Management’s Manager, Shane Solly.

Asked to comment on the impact of the Auckland Convention Centre fire destruction, he told the media, “It’s clearly a setback for Fletcher Building and Sky City.” Now who would possibly have guessed that? By God, that’s a startling revelation.

But Solly is a mere piker in the genius ratings compared with a Graeme Christie, described as a specialist construction industry barrister who was quoted, “Holding any conferences there soon was up in the air.” Good Lord, surely not!

Not to be outdone and maintaining the commercial real estate industry’s long tradition of talking cliched gibberish. Collier’s Dean Humphries said, “The Convention Centre was to be such a big demand driver (translate that and there’s a free llama awaiting) and to bring much business here.” Amazing! Who could possibly have suspected that?

But all’s not lost for those of you weeping in despair.

Imagine if Solly, Christie and Humphries were persuaded into some altruistic public service. I have in mind them locked in a room, for an hour with some of our more seemingly incurable prison inmates and told to have a discussion. The threat of another session would surely see the crims never offend again.

The only difficulty I foresee is such torture may be in breach of the international convention against cruel and unusual punishments.



Yep. Ya got it. More people priming climate change with liquid gas – yes, there is such a thing – which far exceeds CO2 emissions. For the life of me, why does the NZ Media publish such dribble if only in connection with mates over beers.

P.S. Didn’t you say you did business with Colliers ?

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