Yet another report of a young female teacher servicing schoolboys, this time from Blenheim.

Such accounts are seemingly weekly news-items, albeit mostly from America and Britain.

Invariably the foreign ones include photos of the altruistic teacher and equally invariably she’s pretty.

Here’s what I find hugely upsetting about these reports, specifically why did this never happen to me? And don’t say I must have been an ugly little bugger as I wasn’t, plus it never happened to any of my mates.

Mind you, when I think back to the few female teachers in my day, none passed muster and were mostly crones.

This woman should absolutely not be before the Courts, rather she should be at Government House receiving a medal for public service.


Couldn’t agree more. Where were these nubile seducers in my schooldays ?
Just another example of the privileged life today’s generation enjoy.
Having said that. I watch with interest to see the courts outcome, and compare it with similar cases where the gender is reversed.

This post is very similar to an episode of Southpark, where Randy Marsh complained “where were all these hot teachers when I was a boy” and the police joked about finding the kidnapped boy to “give him a medal”. Great stuff.

You Sir, have perfectly hit the nail on the head with this.

And I also wonder where these teachers were during my school years!!

Interesting to contemplate how dissimilar the coverage and reactions would be like if it involved a Male teacher and two girls.

We seem to have a glut of moral panics at present. Nanny.State has her knickers in a twist egged on by half the population and a PM oozing empathy.

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