For many people New Zealand’s remoteness where nothing much ever happens holds huge appeal.

On the other side of the ledger we do miss out on a lot. For example, while we’re daily told of the rest of the world basking in global warming, once again we’ve miss out, the national weather agency (NIWA) reporting two record cold months in a row.

Still, it’s not all bad and just occasionally we have some massive excitement, as the Stuff Website reports. It showed a large photo of a miserable looking Timaru bloke standing beneath some pretty Spring blossom. And the story. He’s upset at such foliage extending beyond people’s boundaries. By God, that should make the front pages of the world’s press.


No different than the cow farting issue headlining our news. I wonder how we Really really appear to people overseas…

Perhaps if the “c” was left out of the headline ……

I remember back in August traipsing through 11cm of ummmmm….errrm…. ‘global warming’ that had fallen overnight. Silly me!

And in our little household we do feel for the mental health of such green warriors as James Shaw. What will he say or do when Pelosi’s country, California, experiences it’s much predicted, next really big shake!? Sure it’ll clean out the pollution, the illegals and many of Nancy’s problems but how does our James cope with Mother Nature upstaging him with a real crisis?

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