The above is a Stuff website heading. I couldn’t bring myself to read the accompanying account for fear of a heart attack. However, the question arises whether this is a reward or a punishment?

As always I see the commercial opportunities this, and I say that seriously.

Imagine, if say the Shannon or Westport local authorities printed ornate life-time banning certificates. I’d pay $100 for one and have it framed for my billiard room wall and I’m damned sure nearly everyone I know would do likewise. Equally, I could imagine tourists snapping them up.

Instead of boring bloody trees Regional Development Minister Shane Jones should latch on to this concept as an innovative new foreign exchange industry. For example, in an absurdly overcrowded restaurant industry, imagine setting one up but never admitting anyone and instead selling life-time banning notices.

Why can’t others see these screaming commercial opportunities?


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For commercial viability you’d have to pay for it rather than earn it taking away it’s lustre.

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